Boiled potatoes for a slim figure

Peel the potatoes, rinse well, pour thoroughly with warm water and put to boil. As soon as the water mass boils, lay out the greens and calmly continue boiling cooking for at least another twenty minutes. Care must be taken not to overcook the potatoes.

As soon as the potatoes reach full readiness, pour out the water, close the pan with a lid and, in the form of this, leave it on a weak fire for three to five minutes to dry. Put the cooked potatoes on a hot dish. Apply oil separately.

Steamed boiled potatoes.

Pour 3 — 5 cups of water into the pan, together with the insert grid, put the peeled whole or cut into equal two — four parts potatoes, lightly sprinkle with small salt and, sealing the pan with a lid, put on a strong flame. As soon as the water mass boils, reduce the flame and continue cooking at a low boil. Steam the potatoes for about twenty-five to thirty minutes.

Steamed potatoes are good, especially if you are making potato patties and mashed potatoes.

Steamed boiled potatoes with fried ground croutons.

Ten — twelve tubers of homemade potatoes, two tablespoons of ground bread, eighty grams of vegetable oil or margarine, add greens to your liking.

Insert the grid into the steamer pan, pour out the hot water mass (the water must be below the level of the grid), put the peeled potatoes into the grid, cut into halves or slices, sprinkle with salt, be sure to close the pan with a lid and boil the potatoes well until cooked.

Dry the sliced ​​\u200b\u200bwheat bread in the oven, avoiding burning, be sure to pass through a meat grinder, mix thoroughly with heated protein oil and, with stirring, fry until golden brown.

Serve drizzling potatoes with butter along with fried croutons.

Potatoes, boiled in their skins.

10 potato tubers.

Boil unpeeled potatoes of elite varieties until cooked, let’s say, in a not very large amount of poured water, steam or oven (no more than a part). In the fall, 200-300 (grams) of potatoes in their uniforms give the body almost a daily intake of vitamin C.

Young boiled potatoes with cottage cheese and ketchup

10 potato tubers, one hundred grams of cottage cheese, half a cup of sour cream, fresh herbs and of course a hedgehog salt to your own taste.

Boil the potatoes until cooked under a covered lid for no more than 15 minutes, then, removing the lid, pour out the water mass and re-cover with a lid, let it “reach”.

Mix cream with cottage cheese, add salt and serve to hot potatoes.

Young potatoes in sour cream.

Ten — twelve tubers of selected potatoes, half a cup of sour cream, twenty grams of margarine or vegetable oil, fresh herbs to your liking.

Peeled young potatoes boil in salt water, then be sure to drain the water, put cream or sour cream, butter and, shaking, stir. Top with chopped dill or parsley or dill.

Young potatoes with cheese.

Ten — twelve tubers of selected potatoes, four tablespoons of melted margarine or vegetable oil, 80 (grams) of grated cheese, be sure to salt to your own taste.

Boil the potatoes as directed in the previous recipe.

Put the cooked potatoes in a salad bowl or plate, pour with melted butter, sprinkle with grated cheese, chopped dill.