A beer maker’s journey through Germany. What places are worth visiting

Germany is a very interesting country. Rich culture and traditions, historical monuments, but at the same time, it is modern and attracts many tourists.

One of the main things in this country is beer! They love it here and drink it constantly, in the morning and in the evening.

What places are worth visiting for beer lovers in Germany?

one. Bergkirchweih.

The Bergkirchweih beer festival takes place in Erlangen, which is a three-hour drive from Munich. Since 1755, this festival has been held annually and lasts for 11 days. Bergkirchweih is considered more traditional than Oktoberfest. It passes on the street in one of the largest beer bars in the open air, which consists of several basements, where many beer varieties are offered. Visitors can move freely from one to another.

2. Brewery Weihenstephan.

This brewery located in Freising is considered to be one of the oldest continuously operating breweries for over 1000 years. It has a pretty interesting story of its own. So, when ordering an excursion, you can watch a film showing the practice of brewing for centuries.

One of the most famous brewing schools is located in the neighborhood and the brewery has a good long-term relationship with it.

Here you can taste four types of beer, and beer is served with fresh pretzels as an appetizer.

3. Paulaner Brewery.

One of the top six breweries in Munich. This brewery was created by the monks of the Order of St. Francis Paola (hence the name) and is located on the Nockherberg hill, a short drive from the city center.

It is believed that beer has the highest quality, and the key to success is considered to be the use of water, which all six breweries from an underground source under the city are taken and only they have access to it.

four. Hirschgarten.

The biggest beer hall in Munich and also in the whole world. It accommodates about 8000 people.

The peculiarity of this pub can be considered the fact that here each visitor washes his mug himself. Because once the glassware selection is made, the fun begins! There are many types of beer to choose from, which can be drunk in unlimited quantities.

5. Erdinger Brewery.

Erdinger is one of the most famous German wheat beers, and the brewery itself is located in the city of Erding, which is an hour’s drive from Munich.

Here they will tell you everything about the processes of cooking, and also show a giant warehouse where it is stored.

At the end of the tour, an amazing tasting is expected, which takes place in a cozy place, reminiscent of a German pub, with huge pipes from the ceiling to the taps from where the beer flows.

Of course, this is not all that deserves attention, but the listed places are definitely worth a visit and enjoy the traditional quality and hospitality. Therefore, in advance you need to take care of the question of where to stay in Munich. After all, it is not in vain that it is the «capital of beer», and all the listed places are located around it.