Affirmations for love

It happens that a girl dreams of great and mutual love for a long time, but time runs at an inexorable speed, and this beautiful feeling does not show herself in any way. Once an article on such a concept as an affirmation for love comes across her eyes. Everything seems very simple and uncomplicated — just repeat a certain phrase about love, and happiness is not around the corner.

The girl chooses for herself several suitable affirmations and repeats them several times during the day, but there is no result. You need to figure out what is the reason for such failures. If everything were so simple, then there would not be so many lonely women who were not lucky in love in the world.

The very first mistake is that the girl chooses the text of the affirmation and at the same time does not think about how suitable for her. The words of affirmation should be completely accepted by the heart of the girl in order to believe that this will happen soon.

Let’s say that the girl wants to find a bright, clean, strong love in the near future, which is mutual. At the same time, you can repeat at least a thousand times a day “I love and I am loved”, but not believe these words.

The mind over time is quite easy to inspire that this phrase is pure true, but our subconscious mind is much more difficult to deceive. Then you can try a little modify the text, for example, in this way — “I radiate love and attract a response feeling” or “great and pure love will find me, and I will worthy of this feeling”. It must be remembered that words to attract feelings are not a magical formula, at will this text can be changed.

In addition to the fact that affirmation must be selected with awareness, it is also necessary to correctly be able to pronounce it. No need to repeat its specified number of times, which is indicated in any guidelines. Subscribing the spoken phrases distracts first of all from the main meaning of this whole procedure — to believe in what has been said.

It doesn’t matter how the repetition of affirmation occurs, if you are in a public place, it is better to do it to yourself, in order to avoid unnecessary questions, and if you have free time and you are alone, you can try to speak out loud. The main thing is that you need to remember that it is important not the number of repetitions and the volume of the voice, but the complete realization that what you said is the true truth.

It will be optimal if you make up the words of affirmation yourself. It is necessary to choose such words of love that would respond in your soul, which would make you believe in the existence of love. May they be not too folded, but they will become part of you.

You do not need to intensely and thoughtfully compose and compose the text, since the intensively straining mind will drown out and nullify the voice of the subconscious, and then you will not hear its tips. Perhaps the text will come to your mind during a walk, a trip, when you find in high mood and experience positive emotions.

No matter how long it will pass, it is important to find suitable words. They contain great power, affirmations for love have crushing power, they are charged with your energy. With the help of a correctly selected text of affirmation, you will attract the brightest and most pure feeling into your life — love.