Ammunition depot at military base on fire in Greece

At a military base at Nea Anchilos airport in central Greece, a fire broke out in the ammunition depot of the 111th Air Wing, explosions continue for two hours, News 247 reports. Explosions were heard, including in the city of Volos, which is located 20 km from the airport.

The F-16 fighters, which are part of the unit, were lifted into the air as a precautionary measure.

In connection with the sea from Nea Anchialos, residents of several settlements of the Magnesia region are evacuated, where fires continue for the second day.

This involved 80 private inflatable boats and a Coast Guard vessel. Three Coast Guard patrol boats, two tugboats and 22 private boats have already transported 30 people from Nea Anchialos to Volos, with the Coast Guard on full alert.

According to the fire brigade, the fire is approaching the port.

The fires in Greece have been sparked by extreme heat that has risen to over 40 degrees and has been lasting for a long time. Fires engulfed the islands of Rhodes, Corfu, Euboea, pockets of fire arose near Athens. Thousands of tourists were evacuated from the island of Rhodes.