Aquarium for beginners: equipment and accessories

Many people keep aquarium fish in their homes. Moreover, they can be kept even by those people who do not have the opportunity to keep another animal. Consider what equipment and additional accessories are needed for an aquarium for beginners.

The reasons why people get fish, and not other pets, are different: allergies to wool, lack of space, frequent absence from home for a couple of days. And everyone can find a little place for an aquarium. Having decided on a place for an aquarium, you should proceed to its selection and purchase. It should be borne in mind that in addition to combining with the design of the room after you have visited the designer gift shop, the aquarium should not only be an ornament, but it must be placed, decorated, highlighted, taking into account the interests of its inhabitants.

Then you should decide which fish you want to buy in order to choose the right aquarium for them. Aquariums are decorative and special. Basically, the owners choose based on the shape and size, as well as taking into account the finish. Then you need to purchase equipment that will help create an optimal habitat for your pets. First of all, you need to solve the problem of lighting. Light is necessary for both fish and plants, and for plants it is more important. Lighting does not depend on the size or shape of the aquarium, but on the type of fish and plants. Fish need light just like plants; in fish, their color and health will depend on the lamp. You should also know whether light-loving or shade-loving inhabitants live in your aquarium.

Water quality plays a very important role. The ecosystem in the aquarium is changing very quickly, so you need to know what processes are taking place in it and what this can lead to. The saturation of the water with oxygen must be sufficient. It must be remembered that the higher the temperature of the water, the less oxygen it contains. The length of daylight hours also affects, in summer the day is long and oxygen is produced by plants in sufficient quantities. In winter, it is not enough, and therefore it is necessary to use illuminators and water aeration. The gas and salt composition matters in the life of fish, as well as the hardness and oxidizability of water. Therefore, it is necessary to change the water for the fish in time, to prevent certain diseases and for their normal development. Change should be no more than one third of the total volume of water. Use water only separated and at the same temperature as the temperature of the water in the aquarium. But you can’t change the water too often, as this can cause some diseases.

Particular attention should be paid to the soil. Soil is necessary for almost all types of fish and plays a role in the formation of biological balance. It is important for plants as it serves as a source of nutrients. For fish, it is needed to dig in it, dig in, and some spawn on the ground, others use it to sleep. Some soils perform a kind of conditioning role by changing the hardness, pH or salinity of the water.