Bedroom Design Secrets

In the event that sleep hygiene is violated, insomnia often becomes a consequence. Moreover, today more than half of the milestones of cases when a person cannot fall asleep normally are associated with this very reason. Before looking for the problem of sleep disturbance in medicine, you first need to assess the situation of the bed — it is quite possible to avoid visiting doctors.

First of all, you should pay attention to the bed. For example, how many houses are there today where people have been sleeping on the same sagging bed for decades, which was purchased on the occasion many years ago — or even bought completely used. In the event that the age of the bed is more than a decade, it’s time to think about buying a new product. In the event that replacing the entire bed is too expensive, a plywood sheet should be placed under the mattress. Compared to a mattress, it should be narrower — by about 4 cm, in addition, be somewhat shorter — by 30-40 cm. If a person is haunted by pain in the spine, sleep will be useful if the base is hard. True, if in a week such a dream of relief did not come, it is worth returning to a more comfortable option, since to this day the benefits of sleeping on a hard surface have not been officially proven, which means that you should not deprive yourself of convenience. In addition, in this case, a flat mattress, as in Com-Fort, can also be beneficial, while you need to select an elastic product.

If two people sleep on the bed, it should be wide enough for this. By the way, as we managed to find out, when two people sleep on one double bed, each of them needs a place whose dimensions are comparable to the dimensions of a cradle. In order to sleep better, you can put two single beds side by side or find the possibility of acquiring such a bed, whose width is about 193 cm.

But the pillows need low. A large pillow should not be used, especially when it is very tightly stuffed with feathers. The head will be in a position that is unnatural for her, the neck will be slightly bent. Often this leads to severe headaches and can cause problems with the spine. Contoured pillows are the best option you can find on the market today.

Bed linen deserves special attention. For example, the material must be natural — the best sets are made of cotton. Atlas, in turn, is beautiful, due to which it is popular, but its qualities are not very good — the material slips, it does not contribute to free air circulation. There is no place in bed in bed. By the way, in recent years there are increasingly sounding assumptions that it is better to sleep when bedding is dark. But the assumption that it was better to sleep when the room was cool, it did not find confirmation.

As experts say, everyone should choose the best regime for themselves. But dry air definitely worsens the quality of sleep, so with excessive dryness in the room should be fought.