Bulimia and anorexia. What is the danger?

The rhythm of modern life creates a wide variety of stresses. Stress awaits at work and at home, in the political and economic environment of the world. It happens that a well-calculated and planned business flies into the abyss in one day.

Everyone has their own reaction to prolonged stress. Someone has a heart attack. Someone closes in. Many find solace in alcohol, but there are those who start eating.

Women are most susceptible to such a reaction to stress. Food is their only comfort. It’s no secret that delicious treats are one of the most easily accessible pleasures. At first it has an innocent character and is practiced several times a week. Then, the body understands that there is something in this, and delicious food becomes a cure for troubles more and more often.

Over time, a person can no longer cope with himself, and any provoking factor causes an attack of uncontrolled absorption of food. At this moment it doesn’t matter what is. There is an insatiable hunger. Stop occurs only when the stomach is full. At this point, there is a feeling of shame and guilt for their animal behavior (although no animal will overeat), which further exacerbates stress. In addition to shame, panic arises due to weight. In the classic version of bulimia, a person is looking for a way out and finds a way to get rid of what he has eaten. The easiest way is to induce vomiting. Sometimes there are other ways, laxatives and diuretics are used. Over time, this alternation of filling and emptying the stomach becomes regular. Bulimics rarely overweight.

It would seem, so be it, a person is free to do what he wants, especially if it does not harm him, he got rid of food, and it did not harm the body and figure.

But it’s not that easy. There is a huge amount of damage. Firstly, the constant acidic gastric contents in the esophagus and oral cavity causes inflammatory processes there, which become chronic over time and can lead to the development of more serious, even oncological diseases. Teeth decay, salivary glands hypertrophy.

Secondly and main. Bulimia is recognized by official medicine as a psychiatric disease. The fact is that such unstable behavior has extremes. Excessive food intake is only one extreme, there is another. The fact is that with the progression of the disease, a person’s perception of himself is distorted. He sees what is not. Panic fear of excess weight can make you change your behavior and almost completely refuse food. Bulimia turns into anorexia. In this case, even a painfully thin person perceives himself as fat and stops eating altogether. Such a development of events can even lead to death, because in the case of bulimia, a person is still aware that his behavior is wrong, but with the development of anorexia, it is no longer.

Sometimes periods of bulimia and anorexia can alternate. Coping with bulimia on your own is very difficult. Therefore, if you find symptoms of such a disorder in yourself, you should urgently seek help from a psychiatrist.

Remember, you don’t need to chase popular opinions, you just need to be yourself, because everyone has their own ideal figure. The main thing to remember is that the figure is just a wrapper and you do not need to look only at it.