Choosing a stroller for a newborn

The birth of a child marks a turning point in the family. A lot of trouble is added, a small creature requires not only parental attention, but also the purchase of children’s furniture, clothes, diapers, transport and other useful and necessary items. One of these assistants, without which no mother can do is a baby stroller. In this regard, many are asking quite an adequate question of choosing this «vehicle».

There are a huge number of varieties, colors and manufacturers of strollers. In order not to get confused when choosing a stroller in a children’s store, it is better for parents to think over in advance possible routes for walking with a child, weather conditions (for example, if it often rains, a rain cover is required in the stroller kit), the possibility of storing the stroller folded or unfolded, the maximum width of the stroller , the term and period of its use (until the baby goes or for 3 years; the stroller will serve both in winter and summer, or purchase a lighter option for summer). In addition, you need to pay attention to the weight of the stroller — if the family does not live on the lower floors in a building without an elevator, will the mother be able to lower and raise the chosen stroller alone; the presence of a flip handle will provide additional convenience — the stroller can always be deployed against the wind without losing contact with the baby. The color should be an important factor in the choice: it is known that too bright colors can overexpose a restless child, very bright — quickly get dirty. Choose a calm color scheme, for example, a green stroller like on dochkisinochki / 2-v-1 / zelenye_zelenogo_cveta / or not easily soiled brown or gray colors.

In order for the stroller to have a smooth ride, it is better to opt for large rubber wheels and high-quality springs, often in strollers there is the possibility of rocking the child from side to side (in such models, the baby can even sleep in the room for the first time). So, the main criteria are indicated, you can proceed directly to the choice.

The most popular strollers for newborns are universal strollers (they are also 3 in 1 strollers) and transformers. Each type has its pros and cons.

Strollers 3 in 1 are available in winter and summer versions, designed for use from birth to three years. They got their name due to the presence of three blocks in the configuration: a rigid cradle, if necessary, can be easily removed from the frame and serves as a carrier, a stroller is used when the child is already sitting, a car cradle eliminates the need to purchase a separate car seat. The main advantage of such strollers is considered to be a hard, flat bottom and excellent maneuverability (especially the three-wheeled models that are so popular today).

Transformers are also designed for the age group from 0 to 3 years. There are no rearranged blocks in such strollers, but its design will allow you to “adjust” to children’s needs. In the first months of life, a horizontal position of the back is provided here, later it is regulated from a reclining to a sitting position. Often the kit includes a carry cot, tables that are installed instead of a handle, nets, bags and other accessories. Transforming strollers are less maneuverable and heavier than universal ones. Very compact when folded.

Whatever parents prefer, remember that the right choice of stroller will provide a pleasant pastime for both baby and mother.