Correct calculation of the menstrual cycle.

During pregnancy, it is desirable to keep a calendar that records the changes in the body of a woman, which she observes every day. If, suddenly, a woman discovers that she is pregnant, you must immediately sign up for a gynecological consultation in order to constantly be under the supervision of a doctor. Already in the first month of pregnancy, after fourteen weeks, organs begin to form in the unborn child In the second month, the embryo continues to develop, turning into an embryo. He is already forming limbs, hairline, developing brain. The vitamins necessary for proper development are absorbed by the embryo through the umbilical cord. A woman during this period should take care of herself. It is unacceptable to take cheerful drinks, smoking. She may have such an unpleasant phenomenon in the morning as vomiting and nausea. A woman is inclined to be overweight, but she may not be. Fatigue sets in quickly. More frequent urination, which causes inconvenience. In the third month of pregnancy, a woman continues to gain her own weight. In parallel, in a child, the weight increases to thirty grams, the length increases to nine centimeters. You may not feel it, but development continues. The genitals are already visible, the oral cavity, which opens and closes. Toenails visible. During the second trimester, the baby weighs about seven hundred grams, and the length increases to thirty centimeters. Woman recovers up to six kilograms. It’s time to think about buying clothes for overweight women. The woman no longer feels discomfort, she looks good, but continues to gain weight. The movements of the child are well felt. At the stage of the fourth month of pregnancy, movements are felt in the lower abdomen. It is necessary to record this moment in your journal. Controlling the period during which the menstrual cycle occurs is of great importance for any woman. Thanks to this cycle, a woman can plan the days that are most suitable for conceiving a child. As soon as menstruation begins, this moment is immediately fixed. The cycle lasts for three to five days. During this cycle, the rejected endometrium leaves the uterus. At the same time, the follicular cycle begins to develop. In the ovaries, the process of maturation of follicles with the ovaries is underway, while the uterus replaces the old mucous layer with a new one. The wall of the ovary is destroyed by the action of lutein, approximately on the twelfth day. The egg is released into the fallopian tube. The era phase is called the process of ovulation. The unfertilized cell dies, and the fertilized one for the upcoming implantation is transferred to the uterus. The total duration of a menstrual cycle is about twenty-eight days. Based on this, it is best to plan pregnancy on the eighth tenth day of the cycle. The first seven and the final ten days are considered safe for sex. But safety is always relative, the risk of getting pregnant is always present.