CQR: reliable partner for penetration testing services

When it comes to ensuring the security of valuable information, choosing the right penetration testing service provider becomes critical. In this area, CQR stands out due to its fairly high level of professionalism. We are also talking about a well-organized integrated approach and expert opinions.

Service list

One of the key services provided by CQR is external penetration testing, or Pentest. This in turn allows you to identify more critical vulnerabilities directly in external systems, as well as applications. They, as a rule, can be used by attackers to gain unauthorized access to information important to the user.

Here it is necessary to separately highlight several obvious advantages:

  1. The CQR company specializes in internal Penetration Testing, which is aimed primarily at identifying vulnerabilities within an organization. This includes a thorough analysis of the network infrastructure, various applications, and rigorous endpoint security testing to ultimately ensure complete protection against insider threats.
  2. One of the unique aspects of CQR services is their physical penetration testing. Pentest as a Service includes a comprehensive assessment of the physical security of the office, as well as data centers and other facilities, to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access directly to the systems.
  3. Social engineering testing is also one of the key services of CQR, which helps to identify vulnerabilities that are closely related to human factors, such as lack of employee awareness of cybersecurity and the possibility of phishing attacks.
  4. CQR also provides cybersecurity consulting services and sound training to help an organization significantly improve its information security awareness and performance.


In general, it is worth noting that CQR penetration testing services represent a full range of comprehensive activities aimed primarily at ensuring the security of valuable information. With CQR, absolutely any organization will be reliably protected in a digital world where cyber threats are becoming more complex and sophisticated.