Creation of specialized recreation areas at the dacha with BrightYards furniture

Household and summer cottage plots require the provision of places for recreation. For these purposes, it is worth using special garden structures that allow for quick installation or removal. It is proposed to purchase BrightYards garden furniture, where a variety of product samples are presented.

Main features of items

Among the products that the company creates are awnings of various sizes and shapes, garden beds, tables and chairs designed to create recreation areas. The product range includes Cocoon garden furniture, which can protect against external influences of natural phenomena and create a cozy and reliable area to accommodate a group of people or one vacationer.

The most important feature of the company’s products is their versatility, the ability to be used not only as Outdoor Furniture. Among the ways to use this product it is worth highlighting:

  1. Formation of specialized recreation areas at the dacha, personal plot for accommodating people or holding a picnic or other events.
  2. Creating a dining area on the terrace, gazebo, garden pavilion and other buildings for seasonal use.
  3. Equipment for balconies, loggias, roofs of buildings where it is necessary to create a lounge area.
  4. For arranging summer areas to accommodate visitors to cafes, restaurants, bars and other establishments of this type.
  5. Creation of recreation areas near swimming pools and on beaches to improve the service for visitors.
  6. Pieces of furniture of this type can be used by owners of hotels and private bungalows to create recreational areas.


The main advantage of such furniture is beauty and quality. Items are created to be durable and have a long service life. They can withstand significant physical stress and intensive use. The materials used are stainless steel and durable acrylic fabrics that can protect from the sun and water flows.

The furniture style is suitable for all modern types of design. The items look good in interiors and landscape areas and are combined with natural and man-made objects of various types.

The cost of products takes into account their strength, durability and beauty. It is not low, but the purchase will be justified due to the service life and increased reputation of the owner of such furniture.

All items can be disassembled and stored if they are used seasonally. However, such furniture performed well during year-round use.