Depression provocateurs and natural antidepressants

Women are much more often than men undergo a depressive state, and this is not always due to the characteristics of the female body. In many cases, the frequency of depression that arise in humans has a direct dependence on the image of his life. As well as from various factors that can provoke depression.

Take, for example, divorce. Sudden loneliness is itself a depressive risk. In addition, the daily contemplation of a happy and flourishing ex-partner puts a lot of pressure on the subconscious. As a result, depressive thoughts appear: there is no permanent partner … He left, disappeared, died … There is no point in further existence … That’s it, the end.

Any major failure can be attributed to provocateurs of a depressive state. For example, the loss of a job or the collapse of a grandiose project that took a lot of time, effort and money. Even in those individual cases when a person understands well that what happened is not his fault. There is a feeling that you are a losing loser, the card is your bit and life no longer makes sense. The body immediately agrees with such a verdict and puts you into a depressive mode.

Excessive exposure to new experiences can also trigger depression. At the same time, people who travel a lot, read a lot of magazines, watch TV for days, and devote the remaining time to communicating on the Internet with a huge mass of various interlocutors are at greater risk than others. The abundance of impressions stimulates curiosity for everything unusual, new and unknown. But an overdose of information can completely ruin interest in what is happening around. The brain ceases to cope with the processing of a powerful stream of incoming information, does not have time to evaluate and sort them, and as a result, generally ceases to pay attention to them. The result is that a person’s emotional reaction to new information disappears. From that moment on, everything that happens to him is green melancholy.

Fortunately, there are factors in our lives that can counteract depression. Getting into extreme situations, the body mobilizes to the maximum, throwing out the maximum dose of hormones. And in general, difficult living conditions are a strong incentive that does not allow the survival mechanism to turn off. But even here there must be a reasonable framework. Such self-torture as exhaustion on simulators in the gym or chronic starvation can lead to the complete and unconditional surrender of all the body’s defense systems.

Someone who, and young children at the side will definitely exclude the possibility of depression. Ethologist K. Lorenz unsafely believed that the need to take care of children not only prolongs the life of an adult, but also makes it more active, such as at a young age. But it should be remembered that the subconscious mind makes us consider only citizens under 5-7 years old children.

The natural antidepressants include a well -thought -out measured life in which all events and pleasures are dosed. They must be given a little like sweets to young children. Life painted in details with periodic vivid deviations from the established regime is the best way to resist the development of depression.