Designer carpets — the highlight of the interior

With the help of carpets made by the world’s leading designers, you can get a unique, bright and inimitable design of the room. Today there are many promotional offers for the sale of author’s carpets. Hundreds of unique specimens are made every day, the surface of which is decorated with copies of world-famous paintings, realistic paintings and abstract drawings, and much more. It can be both a classic style and modern design solutions, it all depends on the needs of the consumer. Varieties of designer carpets Carpets made by designers are conventionally divided into two types:

Carpet made in accordance with one’s own idea and according to the project of a specific designer. The master himself makes a sketch of the carpet, selects the color scheme, fabric composition, shape and size, pile height of the future carpet.

Another option is an author’s carpet made to order. In this case, the sketch of the carpet and all possible criteria are chosen by the customer himself.

Author’s carpets are often created by hand (kilims, rugs, sumakhs, rugs, tapestries), by hand weaving with the help of a special «gun» (tufting) at specialized manufactories, and knotted carpets are also weaved (this is a fairly ancient method that is still used by craftsmen). India, Nepal and other countries of the East). Tufted carpets are looped, sculpted (pile of different heights) and long pile. Knotted hand-made carpets will cost significantly more and take longer to weave, but as a result, the buyer receives an unusual product as a result, acquiring the status of antiques over time. It will be a one-of-a-kind exclusive author’s decoration.Even when buying a finished designer product, you can be sure of its quality carpet, because usually designers prefer to use the best quality materials when creating it. Usually these are high-quality fabrics made from natural fibers (woolen, silk, viscose). Designer rugs always amaze the imagination with their originality. When making to order, you can choose the composition, weaving method and many other details in advance, or buy here /catalog/dizaynerskie-kovry/ ready. How to buy an author’s carpet?

First, we determine the size, shape, primary colors and pattern of the future product. You can provide the master with your own drawing, photo, sketch.

Next, you should choose the material and quality characteristics of the carpet product. Decide what its density will be, the height and shape of the pile, the manufacturing method (manual, tufting, knot weaving, etc.).

For clarity, the manufacturer can create a digital layout of the product according to the specified parameters and adjust it to the interior of the room.

Next, they usually make an advance payment, make a sample first, and then the entire carpet.

So, ordering a designer carpet is not a very complicated process, it is enough to decide on the parameters and get advice from a specialist designer about the possible nuances of the sketch.