Discovering intimacy: essential 2024 sex doll user guide

Sex dolls are very popular toys for adults these days. They provide an opportunity to relieve tension at any time, even if you do not have a regular partner. To make absolute sex dolls safe and easy to use, you should follow some rules. Let’s look at each of the tips in more detail.

Clean the doll immediately after use

This is a common hygienic practice, but not every man cleans his doll immediately after having sex with it. When a toy lies idle, it attracts dirt and dust. As a result, pathogenic microorganisms develop on surfaces. If you enter the doll without cleaning it, the bacteria can cause various illnesses.

Don’t use harsh chemicals

Toys should be cleaned with warm water and soap or shampoo that does not contain aggressive components. Otherwise, the realistic skin will be damaged, the life of the doll will be greatly reduced, so you will face unexpected costs for purchasing a new product.

Don’t give your doll to anyone

You probably know that a person should not share personal hygiene items with anyone. The same rule applies to dolls. Otherwise, there is a high risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. You shouldn’t put yourself in such danger, so politely refuse your friends’ requests to experiment with the toy.

Use condoms

This is not at all necessary, but it is still recommended to wear a condom. You may not completely clean the doll’s holes from bacteria, which will lead to unpleasant symptoms. In addition, nowadays condoms are supplemented with various lubricants, which will make penetration more comfortable.

Use lubricants

If you decide not to use a condom, it is worth purchasing a high-quality lubricant. It will make the movements more sensual, you will get maximum pleasure. Make sure that the lubricant is suitable for use with the material from which the sex doll is made.

Store the toy in a cool and dry place

A damp and warm place is not suitable for storing a sex doll. Such conditions lead to deformation of the body of the toy, so it will quickly become unusable. Find the right place to make your trouble-free partner last much longer.

Find out more information on about other rules for using a sex doll. Only in this case will your experiments with the toy be truly safe and enjoyable!