First time in the solarium

Many girls can boast of an even natural tan in the summer, but time does not stand still and after a month there will be no trace of the former splendor. To date, modern women of fashion have found a way out of this situation — a visit to the solarium helps maintain the skin of a pleasant golden hue all year round. The first time in the solarium — how to be?

How to stay beautiful and not harm your health by visiting a solarium, we will consider in the article below.

So, what are the rules for visiting the solarium?

one. Before visiting a solarium, it is best to consult a doctor, as there are a number of contraindications: skin diseases, a predisposition to the development of tumors, the presence of a large number of small or rare large moles. It is worth remembering that the solarium is an extra burden on the immune system, so visiting it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The list of contraindications is quite long, so the best option would be to contact a dermatologist before taking artificial sunbathing.

2. In the absence of contraindications, it is necessary to obtain information about the life of the solarium and find out how old the lamps are in it. Why is it so important? The fact is that lamps that have worked more than 600 hours produce weaker radiation than new ones, as a result of which the tan can turn out to be uneven, and the skin may get unpleasant redness. You can get documents containing all the necessary data from the administrator if they are not in the public domain.

3. It is better to remove makeup before sunbathing, as its presence can lead to the fact that some parts of the face do not tan at all, or the tan will turn out to be uneven. On the skin of the face and body, you can apply special cosmetics marked for solarium, which you can buy locally or in cosmetic stores.

four. Do not forget about the skin of the lips, it is so thin that translucent vessels give the lips a scarlet tint, so protection in the form of a balm will only benefit.

5. The administrator can offer you special glasses, it’s better not to refuse them, since the skin of the eyelids is quite thin and transmits ultraviolet light, which negatively affects the health of the eyes — the mucous membranes become dry, and cataracts can develop during long and frequent visits without protective glasses. If you wear lenses, it’s best to take them off.

6. A special hair cap is also provided free of charge by the solarium, it should not be neglected if you do not want your hair to be damaged by UV rays.

7. Sunbathing, both artificial and natural, is best taken in a swimsuit, since the mammary glands and reproductive system of the female body are quite vulnerable. If you still want a flawless tan, then for protection, use stikinis — stickers on the chest that protect it from ultraviolet radiation.

eight. After a tanning session, many feel dry skin. To relieve discomfort, apply a moisturizer or lotion to the skin.

So, we have listed the basic rules that must be observed when visiting the solarium. Beauty requires sacrifice, but using the recommendations above, you can avoid them.

The first time in the solarium is an opportunity to look good, but remember all the precautions.