First walks with a newborn

you became a mother. This wonderful event in your life imposes a special responsibility on you, because now a small life is in your hands. It depends on you what this little man will become, what his future will be, what he will grow up to be. Yes, and now you have a lot of worries. Despite the fact that he is still quite a baby, he has a lot of needs. These include the need for fresh air, namely — in walks.

The baby needs an area for knowledge. Despite the fact that he still does not see so well, he perfectly feels the processes taking place around him. So that in the future they will not be a surprise for him, you should prepare him, leading by the hand into the world. That is why pediatricians recommend not to wait 40 days after the birth of the baby, as was once the case, but to take the child for a walk immediately upon returning from the maternity hospital.

Is it possible to walk with a three-day-old baby? Of course you can! But it is better to make the first walks the most pleasant, comfortable and … short. The baby is still going through the process of acclimatization, and a long walk in an unfamiliar place can excite him. Even your home is still unfamiliar to him. Therefore, if you have a balcony, you can go out there with your baby for a while.

The first walks on the street can be carried out from the first week of the child. You can walk with the baby in a stroller, but you can also walk in your arms, since the first walks of the crumbs are usually not recommended to be long. The optimal duration is 10-15 minutes.

During the first month of life, gradually increase the amount of time you walk with your baby. By the beginning of the second month, the duration of your travels in the wonderful world can reach several hours, of course, if the baby is not worried. At the same time, on a walk, you can breastfeed or bottle feed him, taking a bench in a secluded place in a park or square. But it is worth increasing the time gradually. It is recommended to walk every day.

Many mothers ask when it is better to walk with the baby, in the afternoon or in the evening. It all depends on your personal mode. You yourself adjust the child for yourself, and walk when it is convenient for you. Of course, during the day it is much brighter, and the baby can look at the world around him, but if you like to walk around the house before going to bed, then this is not a problem. Kids often sleep on a walk, they are swayed by being in a stroller, sling or in their mother’s arms, and fresh air only adds strength to their sleep. For small children, it is recommended to choose a comfortable stroller with soft suspension, as on the page /scrollers/peg-perego.html.

Dressing your child for a walk is the way you would dress yourself, adding another layer of clothing. Do not wrap the baby too much, but be sure to see that the child is not blown. Do not walk with the baby when the thermometer shows the temperature below 15 degrees, and above 30 degrees. Always wear a hat for your baby, depending on the season, it can be a knitted hat in winter, a thick hat for early spring or late autumn, a thin hat for the warm season, or a cap that protects the baby from sunstroke.

Walking in the most favorable way affects the health of the baby, so you should not deny yourself this pleasure, except for those days when the doctor recommends it to you, for example, if the child feels unwell after vaccination.