Gold necklace for a girl: how to choose and advice from professionals

Gold jewelry suits girls. Necklaces especially stand out in this regard. They can emphasize youth, freshness, highlight the whiteness of the skin or contrast with a tan. Also, such accessories are combined with the style of clothing and become part of the image. It is proposed to buy Lover Girl Necklace, which emphasizes your attitude towards a person.

Choosing a necklace

The selection can be made based on the girl’s age, her physique, the event to which she plans to wear the jewelry, clothing style and general image.

Among the main selection criteria it is worth highlighting:

  1. For thin and tall girls, a light necklace with thin chains is suitable.
  2. For girls with curvy figures, it is worth choosing longer necklaces with large links. The size of the decoration and the figure must match.
  3. For a summer and airy look, use a knee-length dress, or slightly lower, with round or oval-shaped jewelry that fits the neck.
  4. Under a business suit, wear modest jewelry without pearls or precious stones.
  5. Large, massive items decorated with precious stones are suitable for an evening dress, social reception or party. The shades must match or harmonize with the color of the clothing.
  6. Blondes will suit jewelry made of white or rose gold, brown-haired women and brunettes — more traditional yellow options.
  7. It is worth following the rule — the more magnificent and expensive the necklace, the more significant the event to which it is worn should be. For everyday wear on the street or in the office, you should opt for modest options that add charm, highlight beauty, but do not attract undue attention.


When choosing jewelry, you should take into account the image of the girl that she wants to create among others. Luxurious and expensive options should be combined with rich evening dresses, or stylish suits that correspond to modern fashion trends.

If a girl prefers a light, free look and wants to emphasize her youth and natural beauty, then the most versatile option would be simple necklaces in the form of a chain with a medallion or small decoration. For receptions, you can also select similar products, but with the addition of small pearls or precious stones.

When choosing a necklace, you should follow the same style in clothing and jewelry; it is recommended to complement the look with earrings and a bracelet so that the jewelry looks harmonious, creating a single ensemble.

Jewelry is created from gold of different shades. It can be harmoniously combined with skin and clothes, or sharply contrast, depending on the woman’s style.