Greek Ministry of Defense mistakenly published secret maps

The Ministry of National Defense of Greece (the country is part of NATO) mistakenly published photos with secret maps, reports Antitheto.

According to the news portal, after the fires in the ammunition depots of the 111th air wing at Nea Anchialos airport, Deputy Defense Minister Nikos Hardalias began extraordinary inspections at military facilities. During one of them, the press service of the Greek Ministry of Defense published a photograph in which Hardalias is examining a map with military facilities.

Antitheto writes that the publication was soon removed, and the Ministry of Defense sent out a corrected version, where the cards were blurred. But after the incident, they decided to cancel further checks altogether.

Forest fires in Greece have been going on since mid-July, when abnormally hot weather with temperatures above 40 degrees was established in the country. On July 28, Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said that 400,000 stremmas (40,000 hectares) of forests had been burned in the country over the past month, although the national average burns 500,000 stremmas a year. He noted that the authorities record the emergence of about 60 new outbreaks per day, the main cause of which is the human factor.

The most difficult situation is observed on the islands of Rhodes, Corfu (Kerkyra), Euboea and in the region of Magnesia. In the last one on July 27, there were explosions at the ammunition depot at Nea Anchilos airport. The fire was extinguished the next day.