Hair extensions: pros and cons

The procedure for hair extensions is quite simple, but you should also know about the reverse sides of this coin, namely, what harm can be done to your own hair when building. Now let’s try to consider all the pros and cons of hair extensions, and talk about the effect of extended strands on the health of your own hair. Naturally, one should not hope that extensions will not have any effect on the condition of native hair. In the process of extension, the structure of the hair is naturally disturbed, especially severe damage is done to the hair if you use the hot method of extension.

There are contraindications that must be considered before visiting the salon. Skin sensitivity or individual intolerance, vegetative dystonia, hair extensions are not recommended if you are undergoing antibiotic treatment, baldness if you are taking hormones, or your hair falls out a lot. Having at least one of the listed options, it is worth delaying the extension.

If your hair is perfectly healthy, extensions may even do some good by stimulating your own hair. Although not everyone is lucky here, sometimes building strands, on the contrary, weakens the hair roots. If you have split ends, and your hair is often lightened, you need to visit a specialist and undergo a set of restorative procedures.

The reaction of hair extensions can be unpredictable. The first few days will be especially hard. The scalp may itch, you will not be able to sleep normally, if the procedure was performed for the first time, you can feel the presence of capsules. After extensions, dandruff may appear. As the roots of your hair grow out, the attachment points of the artificial strands will be visible, which is why regular correction is necessary. Special care is also required for extended strands. You need to wash your hair only in an upright position and use special care products, shampoos, balms and masks. Remember to wear disposable nitrile gloves when doing this to protect your hands. Capsules in the future will be visible to others, and will also prevent their owner from doing many hairstyles. Having hair extensions, you will be deprived of pleasure when visiting the sauna and swimming pool, your hair will go astray and lose its beautiful appearance. At sea, too, it is not particularly possible to preserve the beauty of the strands. Artificial strands need constant care, they need to be braided at night so that they do not get tangled. And not every girl has the patience to deal with them.

If suddenly you get tired of caring for artificial beauty, there is always the opportunity to remove them. There are several ways to get rid of extended strands: chemical and thermal. But as a result, you will have lifeless, brittle hair and a rather short haircut.

In addition to harm, there are also positive aspects of building. For example, many women will be able to realize their cherished dream and get beautiful, perfect hair, quite long and thick enough. If the desire to have magnificent hair is stronger than all contraindications, then feel free to go to the salon. But at the same time, try not to save on your health and use the services of recommended masters from a well-known salon.