Hand care at home

Women first of all take care of the skin of the face, but not only it should be well-groomed, young and beautiful. Our hands are able to treacherously give out age, because the skin here ages faster. And our hands often come into contact with water, when washing dishes, doing laundry, etc.d. Because of this, cracks, abrasions form, the skin coarsens, reddens and ages. But taking care of your hands at home is not at all difficult, and even pleasant and not at all for long.

If you follow a few rules for proper hand care at home, then they will be young and beautiful, and they will never tell about the age of the hostess, superfluous.

The first thing to observe is not to wash them with too hot or too cold water. Wash your hands with special gel or toilet soap, then dry them thoroughly. When washing dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc.d., try to get used to rubber gloves, modern detergents are quite aggressive, even despite the inscriptions on the labels. Use special hand creams daily, soften hands if necessary, apply them at any time. Do not forget about the elbows, they also require care. The weather also affects the condition of the skin on the hands. Many of us suffer from dryness, redness and cracking of the skin on our hands in winter. Creams, masks and baths — salvation for our pens.

After all, you really want rings or even, if you’re lucky with the groom, Tiffany or Bulgari wedding rings to decorate well-groomed fingers. After all, everyone knows perfectly well that no matter how beautiful and expensive jewelry is, if the hands are not well-groomed, then they do not look like that at all. And the “prince on a white horse” is unlikely to pay attention to the mistress of dirty nails with burrs ..

All kinds of recipes for hand baths, there are a lot. Some are quite simple, while others require preparation and some effort. An excellent effect can be obtained from a very simple bath of boiled potatoes. After it, the skin becomes velvety, soft and silky. For rough skin, a bath of whey or sauerkraut juice is suitable, followed by lubrication with a fat cream. If you add one teaspoon of glycerin and ammonia to a liter of water, you will get an excellent mixture for restoring the skin of your hands. If you apply this method for two weeks in a row for 15-20 minutes, then you will not recognize your hands. It is only important not to forget to lubricate them after the procedure with a nourishing cream.

In addition to baths, masks will help take care of your hands. For example, butter-yolk with honey. Contains 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon honey and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Apply this mask on your hands, put on cloth gloves and rest for 20 minutes. After that, the mixture is washed off the hands, and the cream is applied.

In addition to external care, do not forget about proper nutrition. If you are watching your figure, then you should not completely exclude fats from the diet, because our skin requires them. Try to saturate your diet with healthy, high-quality and tasty products.

As you can see, in order to preserve the youth and beauty of the hands, titanic efforts and expensive cosmetics are not required.