Headache treatment folk methods.

There can certainly be a lot of full-fledged causes of an annoying headache, most often a headache appears due to stress, constant neuroses, high blood pressure and spasms of the main vessels of the central brain. And indeed, besides this, often a headache appears with a disease of internal organs — stones in the gallbladder or chronic constipation. For some people, the head hurts in parts and at certain periods, then this is a direct sign of a migraine.

Traditional and traditional medicine agree in one opinion, it is impossible to endure a headache and wait until it goes away on its own, you need to take all measures to treat it. For those whose headache has become chronic, many traditional healers definitely recommend taking fresh whey constantly in the morning. You must understand that a headache is a disease and, as with any disease, you must completely change your basic diet. But especially this recommendation applies to most of the elderly, who begin to develop sclerosis, they are generally recommended to switch to vegetarian food. Also, walnut tincture will be useful for the elderly, it is able to dissolve plaques in the vessels of the brain.

With a mild headache, carefully freshly squeezed juice of dug young potatoes helps insanely well, you need to take it half a glass daily, the juice will not only help you completely get rid of a bad headache forever, but also improve the functioning of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. As you know, the main folk healers always advise everyone to mix one chicken egg with hot milk daily and drink the resulting mixture.

There is naturally another good and useful recipe, but it will take a dumb more time and ingredients to prepare it. You will need to take 2st. l of high -quality tea and mix it with 1st. l sage, chamomile and mint, the resulting mixture, completely pour hot water and naturally let it boil over low heat. Instantly cool after boiling and add honey or sugar for tastes, take tincture daily.

Our great -grandmothers used simple cabbage leaves or raw potatoes for the treatment of poor headache, they simply applied them to the forehead, believing that vegetables seem to take their pain on themselves. Also, our great-grandmothers were sure that if a difficult headache is completely caused by much increased arterial, main pressure, then to eliminate it, you need to hold your hands in hot water, after which the blood will suddenly drain from your head to all other limbs and the pain will gradually subside.

Also, with a severe headache, it is good to drink tea from lemon balm, you need to brew it using 2 tablespoons, the resulting volume must be drunk throughout the day. Ginger is also considered an excellent pain reliever, it must be crushed, mixed with a small amount of water, and the resulting gruel should be put behind the ears and on the forehead.