Heraklion and Knossos palace on Crete island in Greece

Heraklion is the administrative center and the largest city of Crete, 5 km from the airport named after Nikos Kazantzakis. The main attraction of the Cretan capital is the famous Palace of Knossos.

The ancient architectural complex is located on the hill of Kefal in the city of Knossos (or Knossos), 5.5 km from the center of Heraklion.

The ruins of the palace are striking not only in their scope, but also in their architectural solutions: there are more than a thousand rooms and intricate terraces, connected by complex passages, in which it is not surprising to get lost. Therefore, the Palace of Knossos is called the labyrinth of the Minotaur: according to ancient Greek legend, the son of King Minos, who was born half-bull, half-man, lived in the palace.

The technical equipment of the building is also impressive: there is ventilation, plumbing, sewerage and heating. It would seem nothing special, if not for one small detail: the palace was built in 2000 BC. e. In 1900, it was excavated by the English historian and archaeologist Arthur Evans, who later partially “restored” the structure as he imagined it. Therefore, today it is not always possible for an ordinary tourist to distinguish the original remains of ancient structures from what was completed by Evans.

The entrance to the palace complex is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm. The price of the entrance ticket is 15 €, children under 18 are free.