Honey Lemon Facial Mask

A little in the world there are such gifts of nature to man as bee honey, truly a magical product. Some scientists consider bees to be unearthly creatures, their community is so ordered and disciplined that the idea arises of a certain “collective mind” that they leads to them, and even our universe from a certain point of space has the shape of hundreds.

For many centuries, the bee is a symbol of hard work, knowledge, frugality and fertility. In ancient times, it was believed that bees and honey are directly related to the other world. Many thought that the souls who died after death were instructed for a short time in bees. They also believed that they were able to predict the future, and the bee uterus was a symbol of the supreme goddess and an ally of God against evil forces. To find a bee in the house was considered a good omen. The ancient Slavs considered the bee a symbol of love, since it could bring sweet honey and it hurts to sting.  The poets also saw in the bees a symbol of their art, and honey symbolized poems. In general, skillful speech is often associated with honey, there is a common phrase: “He (her) has honey lifes, honey speeches.»

Benefits of honey for our skin

The usefulness of the gifts that a bee is able to bring to a person defies any description. Honey, propolis, royal jelly, wax, chitosan, drone jelly, pollen, perga — all have extraordinary benefits. Of course, the most famous product of beekeeping is honey, it has been known to mankind for several millennia. Honey is also used in cosmetology, but creams with honey are rarely made industrially. It turns out that it is very difficult to introduce honey into the cream. Honey is a living active product and it is almost impossible to predict its behavior in combination with other cosmetic ingredients. It cannot be heated, because after a temperature above 50 degrees it decays, loses its beneficial properties and even becomes poisonous.

But, despite all the difficulties, honey takes amazing care of our skin, and with the help of natural raw materials for cosmetics, you can make homemade cosmetics from it.

Honey moisturizes, nourishes, removes toxins, refreshes the complexion, improves blood circulation, smoothes wrinkles. In folk cosmetology, honey is most often used as part of masks and therapeutic balms, combining with various components. My attention was drawn to the honey-lemon mask, which is recommended for problematic and oily skin. To make such a mask, you need to prepare a little. The face needs to be cleaned and steamed out by applying a hot towel for a few seconds. The mask will turn out to be quite liquid, so you will need a gauze pad with slits for the eyes, which will need to be moistened in the solution. All the necessary ingredients for the mask can be bought at Mylo-Opt: /

Face mask honey-lemon, recipe

The composition of the mask:

honey 2 tbsp. a spoon;

lemon juice 2 tbsp. a spoon;

¼ h. a spoonful of babassu oil.

Mix honey with lemon juice, soak a napkin with the composition, keep on the skin for 15 minutes, rinse with water. Such a mask will cleanse, moisturize, refresh the skin, giving it brightness and adjusting to the release of sebum.

I wish you all health and many, many sweet honey moments in life!

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Always yours,

Victoria Prutkovsky.