How to celebrate March 25 Independence Day in Greece

It is the oldest secular holiday in the country, established in 1838 by Royal Decree 980/15(27). Since 1458, Greece has been under the rule of the Ottoman Empire (Turks), but over the 400 years of Turkish rule, the Greeks have not lost their culture, national language, or Christian faith.

On March 25, 1821, the Orthodox Bishop Herman raised the flag of Greece over the monastery of St. Lavra near the town of Kalavryta. A great uprising began, which led to the complete independence of Greece in 1830.

The holiday is patriotic, celebrated widely — they hang out the flags of the country, arrange mass events. The main event is a big parade in Athens, the president is always present here. Smaller parades are held in other cities.

On flags and banners you can see the words «Eleftheria and Thanatos», this is the main slogan of the war for Greek independence, translated «Freedom or Death». An interesting fact is that Russia has made a significant contribution to the independence of Greece. In the naval Battle of Navarino on October 8, 1827, the Russian squadron destroyed the fleet of the Ottoman Empire, which served as support for the Turks in the suppression of the uprising.

In addition, March 25 is also the religious holiday of the Annunciation. They celebrate the event of the appearance of an angel to the Virgin Mary and messages about the future birth of Jesus Christ.