How to choose a wheelchair. Varieties of strollers

After a serious injury or illness, due to which a person is unable to move independently, there is an urgent need to purchase a stroller. By choosing a comfortable and correct stroller, you can speed up the recovery process. Therefore, let’s figure it out: what types of wheelchairs exist, how to choose them and what requirements they must meet. Parameters that any wheelchair must meet There are several parameters that such products must meet. Knowing them, the likelihood that you will purchase a quality product increases significantly. The first thing to pay attention to is the material from which the wheelchair is made. It must be safe for human health. With high environmental friendliness and strength, the product should be light. A heavy model will significantly complicate movement during descents and ascents, especially in difficult places. It is also mandatory to have certificates confirming the possibility of a long service life, high quality and an extended warranty. Types There are a huge number of types on the wheelchair market: simple, multifunctional, expensive, cheap, electric, manual, indoor, outdoor, and many others. We recommend paying attention to armed wheelchairs.

Baby strollers. They are divided into active and basic, depending on the age and degree of the disease.

Baby carriages (cerebral palsy). Adapted for children with cerebral palsy and equipped with everything necessary to ensure their comfortable movement. Available for street and home. Outwardly, they are practically indistinguishable from ordinary strollers.

With fixed or removable armrests. Fixed are strong, reliable, they minimize the risk of breakage of the mechanism. However, for transportation and quick transfer, removable armrests or folding back. Some models allow you to adjust their height.

Pneumatic or solid tires. Solid tires are designed for indoor use, as the surface of the tires is suitable only for a flat surface. Pneumatic are more suitable for walking on the street. With them, a person will not feel every bump in the road. But be prepared to periodically inflate and change tires.

Electrical and mechanical. Mechanical — this is a common type with conventional control. In an electric stroller, you can move using a remote control, which can be installed on any side of the armrest or adjusted under the control of the legs. The big advantage of such models is that they do not require much effort to move. But not everyone can afford such a stroller because of the rather high price.

Before buying a wheelchair, be sure to consult with a specialist. When choosing, consider the height of the backrest, the depth, width and height of the seat, the height of the forearms and the length of the legs. Remember that a high-quality and comfortable stroller can bring the recovery process closer!