How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home

A vacuum cleaner is one of the essential appliances in your home. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to the type, suction power, motor power and filtration system.

Suction power and motor power are the main characteristics when choosing a model.

Remember that they must be adapted to the size and type of surface to be worked on. The best vacuum cleaners have a 2200 watt motor and 500 watts of suction power. The filtration system is also very important. Pay attention to the equipment, especially the number and types of fixtures. The best models have an electric brush or a turbo brush. A good vacuum cleaner should have a telescopic tube for a wide range of jobs and storage space for accessories.

In a conventional vacuum cleaner, dirt gets into a bag inside the device. What should be paid attention to when buying a traditional vacuum cleaner? First of all, the bags that can be used in it. All models can use interchangeable paper bags or textile bags made of non-woven fabric. Some vacuum cleaners can also use the so-called constant bags that come with this type of equipment. Cleaning and cleaning with even the best vacuum cleaner is hard work, especially for people who are allergic to dust mites. Bags made from heavy fabrics should be cleaned as much as possible, but their ability to filter dirt becomes less and less over time. In turn, the advantage of this type is that there is no need to buy disposable bags.

A much more hygienic solution is to use a disposable bag made of paper or non-woven material. After filling the bag, it is thrown into the trash, without your contact with dust, mites and other contaminants. When working with such a bag, you must regularly check that the bag is not overfilled, because a full bag reduces the suction power. Made of several layers, disposable bags also act as an additional filter, and do not allow dust from the vacuum cleaner to enter the room. As you can guess, bags made from the material offer much better filtration properties. For orientation — when cleaning a three-room apartment twice a week, you need to replace one disposable bag on average once a month. Container is a type of filter device where you don’t have to change the bag. Pollutants are drawn into a special container, in which the so-called cyclone system makes the contents rotate at high speed, due to which particles of dust, pollen, animal hair are separated from the air flow. The container must be emptied and cleaned regularly. The advantage is that the vacuum cleaner has a constant suction power, regardless of the filling level of the container. Also, running costs are not high because you don’t have to buy replacement bags.

Recently, “autonomous vacuum cleaners” have become popular, which clean apartments themselves without human help. Good reviews for iRobot vacuum cleaners and the decreasing price of models with the advent of the new series only contribute to this.