How to equip a cottage

And again, with the beginning of the summer season, we look at colorful photos of various devices to facilitate country life and rest.

So, a nice folding table with one movement of the hand turns ..

In a nice folding table with stools.

I don’t like folding tables, take a picnic ice table with friends.

Standard hammocks are no longer in fashion. For lovers to sway in nature, the cocoon will be the best solution.

If you do not like to hang out in the air alone, here is a hammock option for three.

And another version of the hammock for the whole family — a whole orava will fit.

For people with a sore back, a hammock is a hellish little thing. But if you want to sleep in the fresh air, you can buy such a bed.

Prefer to relax sitting? Please, a rocking gazebo.

Another version of the gazebo for fans of bonfires and barbecues.

While adults are resting, children can jump on a trampoline.

Tired of resting? We play bowling!

Sweat? You can go to the shower without undressing. Although in the summer you can not dress.

Fans of gadgets and reading — a great deck chair for tanning.

The beach is far from the cottage? No problem!

Well, delivery to the beach can occur directly from the window or balcony of the country house on the rope.

So what devices did you look at yourself?