List of things needed in the hospital

Long months of waiting for a wonderful event are already ending — the birth of a baby. You have been waiting for this for a long time, with great impatience and have probably already begun preparations. Even in the antenatal clinic they say that everything you need to prepare in advance. In order to feel most comfortable, you need to take care in advance, as relatives cannot always orient themselves and deliver everything you need on time. Even the smartest and most loving men do a lot of strange things for us at such moments. They’re stressed too, so take care of them. It’s already hard for them, and in order to avoid annoying misunderstandings and not blame you for inattention and dislike for you, take care of everything in advance yourself. Firstly: it is better to divide things into essentials, those that may be needed later and those that will be needed only for discharge. You can decompose them into 3 bags (bags cannot be!). 1st package: — exchange card; — birth certificate; — the passport; — medical policy; — snils; — disposable absorbent diapers (you will need 3-4 pieces.) — drinking water without gas (useful in the prenatal room); — you can take a small chocolate bar. You are unlikely to be able to carry out a full meal, and they are not recommended; — large rag lining (you will definitely need it after childbirth); — postpartum pads 1-2 packs (the second pack can be sent on the “second flight”); — baby soap with a dispenser from the first days of life (suitable for hygiene of mother and baby); — personal hygiene items (what you consider necessary for yourself a toothbrush, paste, etc.); — wet wipes for baby; — diapers from 5-10 pcs. — nightgown, bathrobe (lately this is given out in the hospital, find out in advance); — easy-to-wash slippers; — spoon, mug, plate (also find out in advance, this can be provided in the hospital); — towel; — if you have a shower, take a washcloth or sponge with you; — disposable bra pads; — nursing bra; — disposable briefs (will save you from problems with underwear). -telephone; -Charger; — comb; -Fto the device (to capture the first days of your baby’s life). 2nd package-already smaller in size may be needed on the second day and its composition depends directly on whether you have learned the requirements of the institution in which you plan to give birth. Presumably needed: — towel; — Underwear; — Night shirt; — A soft dressing gown, like such as the Ivanovo manufactory of a golden rune; — a pack of gaskets; — bra for feeding; — shampoo, balm; — Feng. And finally, the long -awaited extract! As a rule, it happens after lunch, so it is better to ask the night before to bring you replaceable clothes for discharge. Yes Yes! It is worth thinking about it too. In the same way you want to appear in all its glory to happy relatives? You can also prepare a cosmetic bag with everything you need. 100% man is not able to figure out your jars himself. Note to young mothers — the belly does not disappear immediately after childbirth. If you plan to wear a rather tight dress that you wore before pregnancy, think about it. Well, now you are fully prepared for such an important event in the life of every woman! And nothing will take you by surprise. The last moments remain, try to enjoy them to the fullest.