maximum fun — minimum cost

Children’s birthday party is coming? Undoubtedly, everyone strives to celebrate it in the best way, but not many people know how? Often, Russians act on this day according to the standard scenario: they invite all relatives and acquaintances, arrange a feast of “gluttony”, and leave the culprit of the triumph in the company of new, albeit expensive, toys. Guided by the stereotypes instilled in Soviet times, adults miss the unique chance of full contact with the child, the time when you can enjoy communication with the baby. Acting according to such a scheme, congratulations, even if expressed in a solid monetary equivalent, will not bring joy or benefit to the child in later life. The birthday of a child who will delight the hero of the occasion should become exclusively his holiday, when he can appear as an organizer and a hospitable host. Not only parents, but also professional animators can help him with this. Do not be afraid to experiment: a birthday is a children’s holiday, which should be fun, memorable, unexpected. The holiday agency will offer qualified assistance and help organize a children’s birthday, taking into account the wishes and possibilities of each client. What is the secret to spend the perfect birthday at home? The main rule: the organization of a children’s holiday does not tolerate haste and fuss. It is necessary to start preparing for a significant event at least 10 days before the celebration. Ask the child which of his friends he would like to invite, and tactfully agree on an acceptable number and composition of guests, based on the financial capabilities and size of your home. Determine the day and time of the celebration: a birthday for children is recommended to be arranged on weekends. Make sure that the most desired guests for the child can come on the appointed date. Children’s birthday implies the presence of the child’s peers, so the invitation to the celebration should be issued in the form of a postcard. Invitations must indicate the end time of the event so that the parents of young guests are aware of their whereabouts. Send or distribute invitations no later than five days before the date of the celebration. To organize a birthday to a child is to create an atmosphere of a joyful holiday in the house. The agency of holidays will select the best option for decorating the room and decorate the room in accordance with the chosen celebration scenario. On a birthday, congratulations for children can be not only in the form of toys or things desired by the child. Exclusive delicacies can be a pleasant surprise. Dishes served on the festive table must be bright and original. You can create a «fabulous» menu and give dishes unusual «magic» names. The organization of the holiday requires a well-thought-out scenario of the event, which will include quizzes, games, contests, dances and songs. Therefore, it is necessary to free up the maximum space in the apartment in which the entertainment program will take place. Children’s birthday can be held not only at home, but also in children’s cafes and even in the kindergarten. Good animators in kindergarten or cafe, conducting children’s holidays at a professional level, will help make an unforgettable matinee or party and take troubles on the entertainment of the children. Today, the choice of parents is a variety of different exciting scenarios and the affordable cost of services of a holiday agency.