Newborn baby in the house

Finally, a new family member has appeared in your house, you bring him into the parental home for the first time. Here the baby will grow, form and explore the world. For some time, he becomes the main person in the house, and everyone obeys only his whims and desires. Do not forget that the newborn should be cozy and comfortable in the room where he will live. Therefore, before returning from the hospital, you need to prepare everything.

Be sure to do a general cleaning, put a table and bedside table next to the crib. Buy a bath, two thermometers, nipples, bottles, hygiene products, and a first aid kit for children in advance. And of course, check the stock of diapers and vests. All baby clothes must be washed and ironed. Good reviews about Ascona mattresses in the crib of a special Baby Flex series for children, taking into account the anatomy and characteristics of the baby’s body. Until the umbilical wound heals, all diapers and undershirts must be boiled and ironed so that microbes and bacteria do not get in.

Don’t throw a baby shower. In the early days, it is better to have as few outsiders as possible in the house. This will help protect it from a possible infection. Noisy festivities can scare the baby, and besides, they will add trouble to the mother. Newborn babies are very sensitive to new smells, sounds and changes in the environment, they must get used to the new place of residence.

It’s only natural for a baby to be very he is not yet accustomed to living outside the womb. His waking time is about three minutes an hour. It can react violently to loud sound, push, bright light. He is also restless before feeding or in wet diapers.

These days, parents need to find the cause of his discontent as quickly as possible. Now the most important thing for him is a feeling of comfort, do not allow him to scream and cry for a long time. A quick response to crying crumbs leads to a strong attachment between him and his parents.

Bright objects attract for a very short time, and he still does not know how to follow them. Hang bright toys above the bed at an altitude of 30 cm so that it sees them without turning your heads.

Sometimes a baby has a smile in the first weeks of life, but it has not yet been specifically addressed to anyone. His sociability is expressed in the ability to look into the eyes of the person in whom he is in his arms. And do not be upset that while he smiles at all adults, without singling out his mother. The main thing is that he feels love and care, that there are close people next to him who protect him.

At this age, the baby moves very little. If you put a toy in a hand clenched into a fist, he will grab it, but immediately release it. He cannot hold his head, therefore, taking the child in his arms, he must hold it. Lay him on his stomach so that he learns to raise his head. At first, he will tear his nose off the mattress for just a few seconds, but by 4-5 months, the neck muscles will gradually get stronger.

Remember that at this stage of an infant’s development, every day is very important. Help him slowly get used to the world around him.