Niche perfumes of the Anomalia Paris brand: advantages and choice

In the world of creating aromatic products, there are rules and canons that are occasionally violated by daring beginners. Such companies want not only to challenge market leaders, but to carve out their niche by offering consumers original products. One of these brands was Anomalia Paris.


A total of nine variants of aromatic liquids have been released to the market under this name. Their important feature is the lack of gender orientation, that is, the smells are equally suitable for men and women. This expands the circle of consumers and allows each person to find their own scent.

The second important difference between the products is the ability to combine scents, which makes it possible to create your own original compositions; they reveal a person’s creative potential and allow one to feel like a perfumer. It is important that if you have two or three bottles with different scents, you can expand the number of compositions and have a new scent every day. The use of essences does not become boring; the products can be used for a long time.

Natural ingredients are used for production, which give the train intensity, duration of sound and variety of bouquet. You can buy luxury niche perfumery for any occasion and for almost any consumer; each person will find the composition he needs in the line.


Any selection of perfume products begins with the definition of aroma. Typically, top notes are highlighted, which reveal themselves immediately after applying the product. Next, the heart notes are felt; the base notes last the longest. All three variations must be taken into account to determine how suitable a particular option is. In the Anomalia Paris line, the ability to combine different essences with each other will also be important.

The duration of the fragrance is one of the defining concepts of quality. The concentration of essences is also important. Too strong and long lasting odors can gradually cause satiety and irritation. This should be taken into account when choosing. Here you should focus on your habits and preferences.

These fragrances belong to niche perfumery, therefore they are expensive; this factor cannot serve as an assessment when choosing. All products in this class have this price.

To determine how suitable a particular version of an essence is, you should use a sampler, apply a small amount to the skin and walk around like this for several hours, periodically determining the bouquet of smells and your impression of them.