Plasterboard ceilings

At all times, designers and architects paid special attention to ceilings. After all, they help create that unique look of each room. Sometimes it happens that only an interesting design of the ceilings can make the room less dull.

If we look back in history, we will see that those times were characterized by their rich design. Picturesque painting, decorative stucco, gilding — all this was used by architects in those days. But, today we can see such beauty only in cathedrals, museums, where the height of the ceilings allows this. And in a modern apartment, you are unlikely to want to decorate the ceiling like this. Since they are now quite low, and constantly seeing a picture above your head is not a pleasant occupation.

But what can you think of if you are so tired of these standard ceilings, which, in addition to dullness, crack over time? There is an exit. Indeed, today, thanks to modern technologies, we can make a chic ceiling that will be no worse than palace ceilings. So, using drywall, you can make the ceiling multi-level, which, of course, with good lighting will look very attractive. And most importantly, you will forever forget about the cracks in the ceiling, which generally spoil the look of the room.