Popular clothing styles

No wonder they say «they meet by clothes, but see off by the mind», indeed, the style of our clothes forms the first impression of a person about us. Therefore, it is very important to be able to find the right style option among their various varieties, which is most suitable for the circumstances.

Of course, we have at least some idea of ​​​​romantic, sports and business styles, but the words «grunge» and «casual» are not familiar to every person. This article will help you understand the variety of styles, describing the most popular of them in a simple language accessible to everyone.

Grunge — youth style, the name of which comes from the American word «grunge», which means «unkempt». At the beginning of his appearance, he expressed the disregard of the new generation for the tedious and dull rules of the adult world. People of the lower strata ridicule the pretentious manner of dressing the bourgeois class.

People dressing in this style mostly wear cotton shirts, sloppy jeans, sweaters and jackets. This style is somewhat reminiscent of bohemian, but is distinguished by its audacity and youth. Grunge clothing also appreciates comfort, practicality and a combination of different fabric textures. Typically, this type of clothing is made from natural materials. Often preferred second hand. For example, you can buy stylish second-hand men’s clothing wholesale with delivery at /products/assortement/man. The main quality of this clothing is the absence of tediousness. Zara is considered the main brand of grunge style.

Country — a style that combines simplicity, lightness of lines, as well as individuality and originality. The designers were inspired to create this style by cowboys from America. In this image, combinations of various shades of red and brown are most often used. Most often, natural materials are used for sewing such things, for example, leather, cotton and linen.

Sloppy jeans and a plaid shirt are considered a symbol of country style. Comfortable leather shoes are preferred. Fringe is welcome. Other practical and discreet shoes are also suitable, such as ballerinas or boots with a stable sole or heel. Various accessories complete the style, such as straw hats, brightly colored cotton neck scarves. All kinds of metal rivets and chains are also very decorated. There is beauty and mediocrity in the hairstyle too. Most often you can see a tail or loose hair.

Military — military style. Society is accustomed to the image of a man in military uniform, but the object of this style is the female. The wardrobe of a military girl is made up of clothes made of coarse fabrics and natural materials, breeches, berets and a military beret. The main palette of the image is khaki, as well as green and brown. In the military style, accessories are practically not used, preference is given to metal and leather bags or a briefcase. There should be order on the head, the hair is either gathered in a neat ponytail or tied in a tight braid. Most fans of this style are young people, however, some discreet clothes can make up the wardrobe of older women.