Pregnant bride — Wedding without problems

Whatever they say, but pregnant brides were at all times. In the modern world, it is no longer customary to condemn the newlywed in a position, so it makes no sense to put on a dress hiding the emerging tummy. In addition, the bride, waiting for the baby, looks charming and cute. The image of a pregnant bride: comfort and beauty. The choice of a wedding dress is an important point in the life of every girl. In the case when the future newlywed is waiting for a child, it is necessary to pay special attention not to fashionable fabrics and additional jewelry, but to cover the dress. Pregnancy is a great time, so you should not overshadow it with an uncomfortable and close outfit. When sewing or selecting a wedding dress, it must be borne in mind that the size of the breast and waist can change significantly even in a few weeks. For such cases, styles with elastic inserts in “problematic” places are designed. Most often, the brides opt for a classic trapezoidal dress in Empire style. The length of the outfit depends on personal preferences and, of course, on the harmony of the legs. The V-shaped neckline will help out-it will divert attention from the rounded waist. As for fabrics, it is advisable to choose natural materials — silk, atlas. Synthetic inserts (grid, lace, guipure) should be present in the dress at a minimum, otherwise you cannot avoid irritation on the skin. The same requirements for jewelry — let them be expensive, having spraying of gold or silver, but will not harm the health of the future mother. When choosing shoes, it is also necessary to proceed with considerations of security, convenience and health. It is better to purchase shoes with low stable heels, not narrow, necessarily leather. Well, if there are two sets of shoes: for a ceremony and for a wedding evening with dancing (for example, light ballet shoes). Makeup on the day of the wedding is better to apply a light, only emphasizing the beauty of the eyes and lips. When laying a wedding hairstyle, a minimum of varnish and other fixing products should be used so that chemicals do not harm the health of the future mother and child. The bride menu in position. Due to the fact that the tastes of the newlywed during pregnancy are changing, some of the foods can provoke toxicosis, it is better to entrust the compilation of the menu for the festive table for the bride. For example, beloved shrimp used can cause unpleasant consequences. It’s no secret that a wedding is most often an abundance of alcohol. A pregnant bride needs to refrain from taking even a symbolic amount of champagne, because she wears a baby under the heart and wants him to be born healthy. Therefore, on the festive table there should be enough juices or non -carbonated mineral water. The wedding, where the main character is the bride in an “interesting” position, in any case should remain a holiday. Choose the most beautiful bouquet of the bride, because the expectant mother deserved it. It is important to provide all possible inconvenience and remain in a good mood.