Professional services for shooting photos and videos for advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns require photographs and videos. The non-standard approach allows us to obtain original images that attract the attention of consumers. Among such opportunities, it is worth highlighting 360 product photography.

Features of the offer

StylePhotos Studio offers its services in Toronto. Professional specialists perform panoramic circular photography to advertise any products. Among the styles in which photographs of this type are taken, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Fashion and clothing advertising.
  2. Photographing any sporting goods.
  3. Photography on the theme of health and beauty.
  4. Photographing food and drinks.
  5. Photography of jewelry.
  6. Shooting of household goods.

The main equipment is a table that has a swivel mechanism and rotates 360 degrees. You can shoot any object, include a full-length person in the frame. When the table rotates slowly, every detail of the items is recorded, and you can simultaneously create a set of photographs where each product will be visible from different angles. Overview video shooting is available.

Shooting can be done on a white or any other background; objects will be visible in a general plan or close-up. Such shooting will become an important part of product promotion and will present it in the most favorable light.

The company also performs basic and advanced photo editing to ensure complete perfection of the advertising product.


To create photographs and videos, studio light is used, which allows you to create any cut-off pattern and present the advertised product from the most favorable angle. The result is a high-quality final image that can attract attention and be remembered by the audience for a long time. This type of shooting will become the center of the advertising campaign and will best influence the consumer.

The work is carried out by experienced specialists who are able to draw up a shooting plan themselves, or fulfill any wishes of clients. The skills, knowledge and skills of the craftsmen allow them to perform work of any complexity, creating high-quality, original content for printing banners, posters, posting photographs and videos on the Internet.

The studio’s clients include well-known Canadian and international companies, and they have used StylePhotos Studio employees to create their promotions, which are then shown around the world. The cost of the work is optimal taking into account the result obtained.