prom dress 2012 with long skirt

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prom dress 2012 with long skirt

March 8, 2012 admin

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The solemnity of the moment must be able to match — this is understood by a girl who buys a prom dress with a long skirt. Flying fabrics are graceful and light, so they are suitable for youth dresses of large sizes.

There are many beautiful dresses, however, you must admit, only maxi outfits look truly solemn. A prom dress with a long skirt made of flowing fabrics allows you to create an elegant and at the same time light look with a touch of rigor and inaccessibility. Isn’t this what a real young fashionista needs??

In the new season of 2012, designers are advised to purchase outfits in restrained, but at the same time cheerful tones. You can give preference to bright blue, red or yellow shades, as well as choose modest pastel colors of the same range. A real hit of the coming summer will be a pink-lilac range of tones. Prom dresses with a long skirt look beautiful, made of two-tone fabrics with gradient transitions and patterns in the form of «gossamer». Prints in the form of abstract flowers on the material also look good. Such fabrics make excellent youth models that do not even need special accessories. And this is an additional savings!

The best materials for prom dresses with a long skirt are silk, satin and chiffon, which help to create the effect of lightness and grace. A combination of several textures is possible. Models made of silk and fragmentarily trimmed with chiffon look especially beautiful (a silk outfit with a chiffon train). As an additional design, you can choose decorative embroidery with beads or sequins on the bodice.

Many girls try to avoid long dresses today, considering them too closed. In fact, if you wish, you can pick up a stunning option that will help outshine all rivals at school. Take, for example, the usual model «case» or «year». In its classic form, such a sample looks quite trivial, but as soon as it is added a shallow and beautifully decorated cutout on the back, the image immediately becomes more beautiful.

The cutout on the back, however, is suitable only for slender girls, but if you have a curvaceous figure and at the same time have beautiful legs, open them with a low side slit. Such dresses of large sizes hide imperfections and focus the attention of others on a beautiful leg.

The model can be complemented with a transparent cape «bat» in the tone of the outfit. Lace sleeves will also help to cover full arms — they are very relevant this season. If you think that it will be hot with your hands closed, pick up an outfit on beaded straps, and throw a chiffon fabric over your shoulders.

The «fish» model is well suited for girls with a proportional figure. In this case, the dimensions do not play a special role. If a graduate is not shy about her shape, then she can afford these plus size dresses. True, the lower shuttlecock should not be too lush. A thin person is free to purchase a similar prom dress with a long skirt in any of its modifications.