Protect the baby from the bad weather without drugs

With the onset of the spring and autumn periods, mothers need to know how to properly protect the baby’s tiny body and immune system from acute respiratory and infectious diseases. Indeed, with the onset of autumn cold weather, the sun heats up less, the wind becomes colder, it rains more and more often and the unprotected body of the crumbs must prepare for the seasonal transition. After the winter cold, spring can also bring unpleasant surprises for the health of young children. To do this, he needs to receive proper and balanced nutrition.

Proper bowel function

Breastfeeding is the natural protection of the newborn from diseases and intestinal prevention. However, do not forget about hardening procedures and daily gymnastics. It must be remembered that it is the intestines that is the main on -duty — immunity of the baby. This is due to the fact that the state of the intestinal microflora fully affects the immune system of the crumbs. After all, it is the correct work of the intestine that contributes to the ingress of nutrients into the body of the baby. You should not wean the baby from the breast at the age of six months, try to feed him for as long as possible (at least a year and a half).

Choosing the right diet

We are already six months old and we are ready for complementary foods? Complementary foods should be introduced correctly and gradually, starting with single-ingredient foods. Before feeding the baby, it is necessary to rely on his state of health. In the first diet, they gradually begin to introduce fruit juices from an apple, peach or pear, eventually supplementing juices from vegetables — carrots and pumpkins. When the first complementary foods were successful, you can safely proceed to a variety of diets — introducing two-component purees and juices into it. Products are selected based on the personal tastes of the baby and the tolerance of the body, certain components.

If the first complementary foods went well and the baby pleases mommy with a good appetite, the growing baby can try fermented milk products. And also to master foods — rich in fiber. Dairy products will replenish the baby’s body with calcium, and fresh vegetables and fruits — with trace elements and vitamins. In the absence of allergies, especially to ascorbic acid, try giving a ripe apple, which is considered a source of vitamin C and rich in iron.

With allergic products, you should be extremely careful, this applies to everyone’s favorite citrus fruits, as well as eggs, nuts and honey. These products can cause a severe allergic reaction, so experts do not recommend driving them for up to a year and a half.

It is very important that the baby, who is already consuming adult food with might and main, drinks a lot of mineral water (without gas) or specialized children’s water, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or any supermarket.

And no less important — do not forget to dress your baby warmly at any time of the year. Now it’s very easy to choose beautiful clothes and shoes for your little one by going to an online store and making a purchase with just a click. After all, newborn children can freeze even in summer, when it seems very hot to adults.

Protect the health of your children from an early age.