Reasons for breaking up a relationship

Very often, even the most ideal couples face problems related to mutual understanding. These problems are not unusual, complex, or intractable, but sometimes it is the wrong behavior on the part of a woman that can lead to the destruction of a relationship, even though a man will try to prevent it.

The main mistakes that women make and that lead to a breakup are suspicion, comparison, complaints, scandals and inability or unwillingness to forgive.

Excessive female distrust can destroy even the strongest relationships and feelings at first glance. These constant checks of the phone, mail, social networks, frequent calls, inquiries and other attempts to take away personal space from the husband lead to the fact that the man is simply bored, he gets tired. When a man sees such open distrust on the part of his companion, he becomes more secretive, and the woman, in turn, digs even further. Trust your husband, and if you have any doubts, just talk frankly with him.

Try not to compare your man to others. This will definitely, sooner or later, lead to a break in relations. Your man should feel his uniqueness, uniqueness, and your comparisons will only lead to the fact that he will doubt himself, and will restore a sense of self-confidence on someone else. No man likes to hear, for example, a “dwarf” to himself, even if the girl is a head taller than the guy. Put yourself in his place, would you like to learn from a man about your shortcomings or receive a “kalancha” in response?

When conflict situations arise in the family, in marital relations, a woman first of all begins to complain to her friends, parents, colleagues. Most will immediately take your side, thereby aggravating an already tense situation. It turns out that one male flaw turns into several. Others, smart ones, will advise not to take the dispute out of the hut and talk to the man in private. But the second option happens extremely rarely, such a human essence. Dear ladies, solve all personal problems that have arisen together with your man, in a calm atmosphere.

Do not create quarrels and scandals for no reason, just from scratch — this greatly destroys relationships and feelings. Here, for example, things scattered by a man can be collected for a few minutes and forgotten about it, but relations spoiled by tantrums, screams and indignations are unlikely. Moreover, you probably also have flaws that your husband is silent about and does not turn everything into a scandal.

Almost always, after a conflict, a woman begins from time to time to remind her husband of her past grievances, instead of forgetting them and living happily on. Even if a man has already apologized a hundred times, a woman will not miss the opportunity to remind her. This only leads to quarrels, new grievances, the strength of which will grow just like a snowball. If you sincerely asked for forgiveness for the offense — that’s it, forget it, there was nothing.