Recipe for dry and wet cough with bronchitis.

Many people think that a cough can be left untreated, as it will go away on its own. This opinion is fundamentally not true. During illness, the body, on the contrary, needs to be supported, to remove unnecessary particles and substances from the mucous membranes. Therefore, cough, without fail, must be stimulated with special therapeutic drugs.

The cough can be either dry or wet. Each one is treated differently. With a dry cough, the mucous membranes of the larynx become very inflamed, characteristic sputum appears, it starts to tickle in the throat and, as a result, you want to cough. This cough usually appears at the beginning of a cold. In these cases, the attending physician prescribes antitussive drugs that can cause expectoration of mucus and relieve spasm. These are Tusuprex, Libeksin and Stoptusin. Dry cough can be alleviated with the help of folk remedies, which include the use of decoctions from various herbs, such as rose hips, raspberry leaves, warm tea.

dry cough recipe.

Take a black radish and wash it well with a brush, cutting the tail after that. In the upper part of the root crop, make a recess with a sharp knife and place it in a cup so that the edges of the radish protrude beyond the cup. Pour a tablespoon of honey into the hole. Literally in an hour, juice is formed in the cup — a mixture of radish and honey, which then you will need to drink every day several times.

After two days, the dry cough will become wet, and the sputum will go away without much effort. For a couple of weeks, the cough may still continue, if after that it does not stop, you should urgently contact a pulmonologist. The doctor will prescribe special sputum examinations (bronchoscopy, X-ray) that can prevent the development of tuberculosis, pneumonia and other dangerous diseases.

With a wet cough, the lungs and bronchi are cleared of phlegm. However, with a prolonged process, it is necessary to immediately sound the alarm, since such a cough can become chronic. Wet cough is treated with drugs that can reduce the viscosity of sputum and improve its expectorant. Well helps in this case Bromhexine. Together with the medicine you need to drink as much liquid as possible. There are folk ways to treat this unpleasant disease. Here are a few of them.

Fig fruit drink.

Take a tablespoon of dry, well-chopped figs and pour three hundred ml of them. boiling water, then put the broth on moderate heat and continue to boil for ten to fifteen minutes, then carefully strain the resulting liquid. You need to use after eating, half a glass 4 times a day. You can add a small amount of lemon juice to the drink.

Decoction of herbs.

We take a tablespoon of thyme, chamomile and coltsfoot. Pour the resulting mixture into 500 ml. boiled water and keep the broth in a water bath for about twenty minutes. But after that we filter and take it warm. You need to drink a decoction before meals, a few sips.