Recipes for fasting day

For a fasting day, you can take cabbage diet salad as its basis. When eating cabbage, the secretion of gastric juice increases, and this leads to its more efficient digestion. It is useful to eat cabbage in combination with protein sources, which are meat and seafood. Cabbage is rich in fiber. It promotes rapid saturation of the body and relieves constipation. 200 grams of lettuce is recommended for any diet. More hearty salads for lunch are also prepared from cabbage. Salad «Brush» Grate one beetroot, one carrot. Squeeze lemon juice into grated vegetables. 200 grams of cabbage are chopped, mixed with carrots and beets. It remains to season the salad with two tablespoons of unrefined sunflower oil. The output is two servings. This salad helps cleanse the body. Salad «Winter’s Tale» 60 grams of prunes are soaked for two hours in water. White cabbage in the amount of 300 grams is chopped into thin strips. Next, a green apple and a medium-sized carrot are rubbed. Grated vegetables sprinkled with ground cinnamon. Half a teaspoon of powder is enough. All ingredients are mixed and set aside until juice appears in it. Prunes are cut into pieces and put in a salad. As the recipe site advises / for the best benefit, season the salad with olive oil. A pinch of cumin is added according to your taste. Output — two servings. Salad «Vegetable Greek» To prepare two servings, you need to take 300 grams of cauliflower, cut it along the inflorescences. 150 grams cherry tomatoes cut in half. A bunch of fresh lettuce with your hands needs to be torn into pieces. One bell pepper, peeled and cut into strips. Black olives are washed, cut into rings. The red onion is crushed and sprinkled with a little lemon juice. Next, you need to take two tablespoons of flaxseed flour and pour the juice of a whole lemon. Add dried basil, a pinch of rosemary. Mix everything, season with olive oil. Before serving, put the salad for half an hour in a cool place. «Beijing cabbage + shrimp fillet» To prepare the salad, you need a bunch of cabbage, 300 grams of cherry tomatoes, red onion, a little basil and one bell pepper. Vegetables are cut, sprinkled with pepper, sprinkled with lemon juice. They add 200 grams of boiled shrimp. Everything is mixed up. Dressing the salad with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Salad «Meat» 200 grams of lean veal boiled and cut into cubes. Rinse the same amount of sauerkraut, mix with meat. Drizzle with a mixture of apple juice and rosehip syrup. You can take two tablespoons of juice, a teaspoon of syrup. 2 cucumbers (fresh) cut into medium sized cubes. All components are thoroughly mixed. You can add dill, onion, parsley. The salad is dressed with olive oil, a few drops of wine vinegar. Remember that these salads cannot be combined with pasta and rice. This will cause indigestion and bloating. be healthy!