Safe metal doors

Many institutions and companies, in addition to the usual metal door units, also need safe entrance doors, which provide a high degree of protection due to their special design. The main purpose of such doors is to keep jewelry and other valuables safe. Therefore, this type of door blocks must have certain technical characteristics:

• Door structure. Safe door blocks have a frame made of metal pipes of various sections, which are selected depending on the required class of burglary resistance. Most often, a pipe with a section size of 80x40x2 mm is used for the frame. In addition, safe doors have additional stiffening ribs. For sheathing the door leaf, alloyed steel sheets are used, the thickness of which is from 1.5 mm or sheet metal with a thickness of 2 to 5 mm. Since the mass of safe doors is very large, large diameter hinges are installed on them, equipped with support bearings. Sound and heat insulation of the door structure is carried out by filling their inner part with mineral wool. Increase the thermal insulation of the door seals placed around the perimeter of the door;

• Locking mechanisms. In addition to a complex system, they are characterized by a high degree of secrecy. The door comes with several locks. A feature of the installed locks is a locking system with two different mechanisms, in which one of them blocks the other, which further increases the degree of protection. Doors of this type are usually locked using 8-10 bolts with a diameter of 30 to 38 mm, and the bolts are extended along four sides of the door block. The main types of locks in such doors are opened by entering a given set of numbers, a code or a key into the electronic mechanism. Such electronic locks also act as a blocker, and they can only be opened when the key is turned in all locks at the same time or when a code is entered that unlocks the door. In addition, it is possible to install additional locks. If safe door units are installed in the opening of the room in which money and jewelry are stored, then it is necessary to insert locks in such doors only from one, outer side.

• Additional security measures. They are created by filling the inside of the door leaf with durable concrete after the door is installed, mounting metal protective inserts at the installation sites of crossbars and locks, anti-cut pins and many other changes to the standard design.

Although the requirements for entrance safe doors are very high, the design of the appearance of the door blocks is carried out using all possible finishing materials. In addition, as an addition, it is possible to install such decorative elements as a threshold or various chrome overlays on hinges and locks.

Safe entrance doors can be installed both in financial or banking institutions, and in residential city and country houses. For this type of door, a two-way locking mechanism was created. The finishing of such door blocks can be carried out using materials such as MDF, laminate or powder coating. This allows you not to attract the attention of strangers, while ensuring the safety of your valuables.