Simple ways to strengthen nails

Sometimes, women’s nails become brittle and lose their attractiveness. Especially often this occurs during the period of vitamin deficiency, because nails, like the whole body, require constant feeding with necessary vitamins and useful substances. In order to strengthen nails, there are many folk remedies that do not require special costs and are easily feasible at home.

Ways to strengthen nails

Lemon juice and olive oil

To preheated oil, you need to add the same amount of lemon juice. This mixture must be applied to pre -steamed nails and left until morning, putting on cotton gloves. Repeat this procedure every 3 days, until the desired result is achieved.

Sea salt

For a liter of water, you need to take 2 tablespoons of sea salt, mix thoroughly and place your hands in this bath. After 15 minutes, wipe your hands with a napkin and apply a nourishing cream, rubbing it well into the nails. Daily baths will help strengthen nails in 2 weeks.

Bee wax and egg yolk

Wax must be melted and mixed with boiled yolk of one egg. Mix well and rub the cooled mass into the nails. To enhance the effect, you can add peach oil.

Lemon’s salt and juice

Take salt and lemon juice in equal proportions, mix and spread your nails. Hold this mixture is recommended for no more than 30 minutes, then wash your hands. This recipe is very effective if you have yellow nails. Not only whitening is achieved, but also the structure and color of the nail plates are improved.

A mixture of iodine and salt

To prepare this mixture, you will need 300 milliliters of water, a few drops of iodine and 25 grams of salt. Place your fingers in this consistency carefully, especially if there are scratches on your hands, keep your palms on the surface. You can use this method no more than 2 times a week.

Iodine as a self-sufficient remedy

To achieve a quick effect, it is necessary to apply undiluted iodine to the nail plates with a brush for varnish. At first it may seem that yellow color will remain forever on the nails, but the iodine solution is quickly absorbed and therefore you should not be afraid for the color of the nails, the main thing is that after such a coloring they will quickly strengthen and stop exfoliating.

sour berries

Sour berries will help strengthen nails if their juice is rubbed several times a day for a week. You can take cherry plum, currant, cherry or any other berry that is at hand, the main thing is that it be sour.


You can also make a mask from wax, for this you do not need to mix it with other components. It is enough to melt and dip your fingers in liquid wax. Next, you need to place your fingers in ice water in order for the wax to harden on your nails. Putting on cotton gloves, you need to keep the wax until the morning. For a month, you need to repeat this procedure every 3 days. After that, the nails will become healthy and strong.

Healing herbs

Burdock, St. John’s wort and chamomile have a lot of useful qualities. If you make a decoction of this composition and soar your nails in it at least 2 times a month, then over time the nails will become stronger and more beautiful.


A spoonful of gelatin must be poured into a glass of hot water, cooled and used to strengthen nails. Gelatin nourishes nails and gives them a healthy look.