The choice of the entrance door to the apartment and house

When choosing an entrance door to a house or apartment, you first need to know that they are divided into three main types:

— for residential premises;

— individual;

— to enter apartments and houses.

The first two types of doors are located externally and they must include the main qualities: sound insulation and heat protection, the surface must be hard to atmospheric precipitation. Colors, design and finishes should be in harmony with the overall interior of the room.

In order to isolate the home from the wind and cold, the door is installed in the door with the vestibule, which is located inside.

The second and third types of doors, in addition to all the above qualities, must have a security system. Many people in their apartments prefer to install doors that are resistant to various types of break-ins.

For apartments, it is possible to use doors that are less insulating than for entrances from the street. The entrance door to the entrance must be combined with the elements of the entrance. Both in the entrance and in the apartment for better heat retention, you can install a second door. Basically, one of them serves as a design decoration, and the second meets the technical requirements. Doors that are placed together can be of the same style or different. It all depends on individual taste. It is important to know that in this case, not all functions may be contained in this door.

When purchasing a door, you need to remember not only the types of insulation, but also that it complies with security measures. For example, it should be easy to open in case of fire. But it would be better if it contains all the features.

Door types

Doors can be made of wood, steel and profiled (containing PVC and aluminum).

Wooden doors

These doors are classic, which have been used in our country for centuries. They are usually placed in houses with many apartments, in the cultural centers of the city, during the restoration of historical buildings. Their production is widespread in Russia, Finland, France, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, etc.

There are types of such doors that are protective and fireproof.

High quality doors should contain thresholds, sealing elements, reinforcement structures, weather protection structures. Additional elements can be skirting boards, insulation, glazing, eyes, letter boxes.

PVC doors

In Russia, they began to use them recently, but they very quickly earned trust. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) doors have a very high quality surface. If you replace an old door with such a door, it will immediately transform any home. Such designs are perfect for private houses, cottages. There are a classic, business and discreet look, they have very good protection against all types of influences.

steel doors

Made of quality steel, they are also very resistant, durable and can be made in different designs. As a rule, such doors are placed either at the entrance to the entrance or used as the front door to the house and apartment. Keep in mind that sometimes it is necessary to repair a steel door, even the strongest and most expensive one — lock breakage, warping, seal replacement, lubrication or hinge replacement … Ask if the seller provides such services.


Doors are made according to the size of the doorway. So it will fit perfectly and only decorate the home.

In order to choose a color, you can rely on the color of other doors. So the room will be especially harmonious.

Choosing a door is a very interesting activity that will take time and effort.