Thermal waters — a source of health

Waters coming from the deep layers of the earth’s crust have been popular for thousands of years mainly because of their preventive properties. Bathing in the thermal pool cures various diseases, prevents diseases and gives the body the opportunity to relax. Thermal waters full of precious bioelements. Why you should use them?

The fact that water can have a positive effect on health has long been known. A person is 70% water, a dehydrated body quickly becomes weak and does not work as it should.

Thermal waters, that is, deep. They are from very deep layers of the earth’s crust, often found in the immediate vicinity of volcanoes. Thanks to this structure, they have a temperature higher than medium tanks. Their temperature is much higher than the average annual air temperature in the area. Thermal waters are called reservoirs, the temperature of which exceeds 20 degrees.

Thermal springs were popular in ancient times, especially in Rome. These were public baths, which included, in particular, pools with warm and hot water, steam baths.

Thermal waters are crystal clear and have a rich composition of the mineral base, which includes many elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. These are, in particular, iron, potassium, manganese, silicon, magnesium, sulfur, chromium, lithium, selenium, calcium. All these elements have a great effect on the health and condition of the skin.

Bathing in mineral-rich water has a number of benefits, improves heart function, metabolism, stabilizes heart rate, reduces stress levels, regulates all processes in the body, eliminates muscle and joint pain, helps overcome insomnia, stabilizes the nervous system, helps to recover from surgery and other diseases. Regular bathing in thermal pools protects even against temporary changes in the body’s aging, especially against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. In addition, swimming in such water is a solid dose of relaxation.

Benefits for the body

Thermal water is good for the skin. Make it elastic and smooth, reduce cellulite. Beneficial effect also on skin with problems — oily, dry or acne. Sessions in thermal waters have an antioxidant effect, thus preventing the attacks of free radicals, which are carcinogenic and accelerate the aging of the body. Thermal waters in Moscow public baths regulate the level of skin hydration, even out its color, have a calming effect, improve the regeneration process and help get rid of various skin diseases.

The use of thermal water depends on the elements present in it and the disease we want to cure. Properties of thermal water: cosmetic, reduce blood pressure, treat skin and cardiovascular diseases, help eliminate stress or neuroses, also treat joint diseases, orthopedic diseases and diseases of the nervous system.