Things that won’t go out of fashion

Fashion is very changeable, its mood changes at least once a season. If you follow her constantly, you run the risk of exhausting yourself. Every season, the authors offer us something new, some new details, trends, and people run to stores to quickly acquire the treasured key to a stylish look. The season is passing … Alas and ah! Recent Acquisitions Urgently Requires New Trendy Replacement. Let’s pay attention to how famous designers themselves dress? No pretentiousness, brightness, only classic things that are not subject to time. Perhaps ordinary consumers should take a closer look at such things. Things that will never go out of fashion will look stylish and beautiful.

Turtleneck. Or turtlenecks: warm and thin, light and dark. There should be several, at least two: black and white (milk). Turtleneck goes well with trousers, jeans, and a skirt. A thin turtleneck can be worn with a light flying skirt, and a thick one with a strict skirt. In general, with a turtleneck, you can make many sets. The only requirement for her is excellent quality, stretched elbows and folds look untidy.

Cardigan. Made from cashmere, camel wool or quality knitted fabric. A cardigan will complement the set with jeans or trousers. A light cardigan can be thrown over a light dress. A quality cardigan with proper care will last a long time, warming in cool weather.

Jeans. Every self-respecting fashionista should have the perfect pair of jeans. Navy blue jeans never go out of style, and they look just as good with a plain white t-shirt as they do with an expensive cashmere sweater.

Black pants. Flared, classic with an arrow or narrow pipes — it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that they look good on the figure and emphasize the dignity. Black trousers can be combined with both classic and more informal tops. In the morning you can go to work, wearing trousers and a white blouse, and in the evening to a party, changing the blouse for a guipure top.

Dress. Let not black, but the color that suits his mistress perfectly. Let it not be a case, but perfectly fitted to the figure, concise, without pretentious elements. Let such a dress hang in the closet in case of an unexpected invitation to some kind of celebration, party or date. After all, there are situations when there is absolutely no time to choose an outfit.

Classic pumps. Beige or black. They will always come in handy: both in the feast and in the world.

Accessories should be added to the proposed list: a leather bag and a good watch. For example, I bought myself stylish women’s ulysse nardin in Samara.

Since these things are the base of the wardrobe, then they should not be cheap. After all, such things will never go out of fashion, so let them be of high quality. Classic, basic wardrobe items, these are the things that serve for many years, allow you to make a variety of sets and not worry about what will be relevant next season. Well, in the end, if you really want to, you can always dilute the classic look with an inexpensive thing for one season.