This year’s trends. There are not many decorations!

Any fashionable image has become impossible without jewelry. Modern jewelry is in no way inferior to jewelry, helping to emphasize individuality. It has more possibilities for creating various images, gives a special charm and shine. Well -chosen jewelry is a kind of “cherry on the cake”, the final detail of the outfit. Today, leading fashion designers are almost constantly complementing the outfits with jewelry. The rich fantasy of designers finds expression in the fashionable news of accessories and jewelry for both a man and women. Modern jewelry attracts attention, are a kind of accent due to large sizes and bright colors. The imagination of designers is reflected in unusual forms and a non -standard approach to execution. In addition to a large form, eclecticism is in fashion. Bracelets and rings are allowed to wear several pieces, earrings boldly reach the shoulders. Experts advise combining accessories of different styles. The ethnic style takes first place among the fashionable new products of the year. Oriental jewelry has a special charm, a variety of ornaments, colors and inlays. In light of the approaching summer, these decorations will only gain popularity. Animal style and floral theme in jewelry — the trend of 2016. Leaves, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and everything inspired by wildlife find their way into fashion jewelry. Jewelry of geometric and abstract shapes does not lose popularity. Antique jewelry, jewelry with a claim to luxury and chic are presented in some designer collections in 2016. Particularly stand out are accessories with multi-colored stones of large sizes. It can be both precious and artificial stones of various cuts. Such jewelry looks stylish and catchy. Men will especially appreciate this collection. Every member of the stronger sex can buy men’s rings with stones here. Pearl jewelry, chains of large rings, complex-shaped necklaces do not go out of fashion. A variety of brooches and hair ornaments are returning to the trend. Brooches decorated with stones are designed to attract attention. The priority is floral ornament, medal-like shape and unusual places to wear. Earrings should also be defiantly large — these can be voluminous pearl jewelry, tassels of bright colors, ornate floral threads. Such jewelry can be safely worn one at a time, without a pair. Actual rings with large stones, massive seals and even brass knuckle rings for several fingers. In 2016, designers are advised to wear rings on several fingers and not be afraid of jewelry such as wide rings or small rings on the upper phalanges of the fingers. The season is conducive to the abandonment of restraint. You can safely use jewelry in large quantities, try different combinations, express your imagination to the delight of yourself and others. Many people think that choosing accessories is just a matter of taste, but fashion is applicable to all areas of life, and it is a mistake not to follow it. You can choose your direction and style and easily copy fashionable images that are close to the appearance and inner world.