Treatment of bruises and bruises with folk methods.

Bruises and pain in the muscles are inseparable friends of any moving and developing person, regardless of full age, race and gender, because anyone can hit or get sharp pain in the muscle mass.

This problem has always been relevant, thanks to this, many centuries ago, there was a need to create methods of healing and removing pain from the damaged area. The methods are very simple and are quite popular among supporters of the use of traditional medicine. The most important thing is that in case of erroneous use, you will not harm your body in any way and will not worsen the condition of the patient, this is the beauty of using herbal medicine in daily life.

Piggy bank of useful tips.

Before proceeding to the bruise treatment itself, it is worth thinking about removing bruises from the impact site, because often these bruises affect the appearance of the “wounded”.

one. In order not to earn a big and “juicy” bruise, it is necessary immediately after receiving a blow to put a copper penny or badyaga on the damaged area. This prevents premature blueing and partially reduces pain.

2. An excellent way to remove a bruise from any place is to use an aloe leaf. To do this, you first need to reduce the blood flow in a bruised place with cooling (apply ice or frozen product), then select a thick sheet of scarlet and, cutting it along, put on the already cold skin. After that, the bruise will have no chance!

3. If you do not have an aloy indoor plant, then after cooling the damaged place, put there, cut half of the peeled potatoes. If possible, it is better to wipe the same raw potatoes on a coarse grater and apply the resulting mass, so it will be much more effective.

Folk recipes.

In order to instantly cure a bruise or remove terrible pain, is advised to use the following recipes and methods of treating traditional medicine, which are tested not only by time, but also by their own practice.

Recipe 1. If there is a possibility of a serious dislocation or sprain, then for the treatment and pain relief, it is better to use crushed wormwood leaves. They will give their magical effect within the very first 10 minutes!

Recipe 2. Do not forget about the unique properties of oak bark and daisy flowers, because in order to relieve pain and heal a bruise, oak bark is often used, brought to a state of powder, mixed with daisies. This unique mixture must be applied to the damaged surface and held for no more than half an hour.

Recipe 3. But there are times when bruises, cuts, burns do not occur at home, in such cases it is necessary to find leaves of plants with a dark green color. You need to rub them with your hand and press them to the site of a bruise or even a wound, since any green leaf is rich in the presence of chlorophyll, which promotes the regeneration of damaged skin and muscle particles.