Types of manicure

Today, modern manicure includes hygienic treatment of hands and nails, the necessary treatment and restoration methods and new technologies for creating artificial nails. Numerous salons offer their customers a variety of manicure, which differ from each other in some features of execution.

The classic wiped manicure consists in neatly cutting the steamed cuticle of the nail, after which the desired shape is given with the help of a file to the nails. All the tools used by the master should be exclusively sterile. This type of manicure is the most common and in demand and bears various names. For example, it is also called wet. The classic manicure has both its advantages and disadvantages. The first includes a small amount of time spent on its implementation and simplicity of actions, the second — the likelihood of injury to the cuticle and the fragility of the manicure itself.

The next common type of manicure is a hardware manicure in which the cuticle is removed using a special apparatus, is not cut, but is polished by a replaceable diamond nozzle. In such a manicure, various microdamages are excluded, its mild effect is suitable for damaged and weak nails.

European unedged manicure includes cuticle treatment with a special softener. After that, the cuticle is pushed back with a special orange stick.

Fashionable spa manicure is based on the classic and European look with the addition of a variety of masks, scrubs and massages. Thorough hand care allows you to keep them in perfect order. The cuticle on the nails is removed with a special composition. Now fashionable nail extension is made using various methods using gels. You can learn about their diversity by visiting this site 4Neils.

Other types of manicure include basic. In hot, a bath of warm lotion is used to moisturize dry skin of the hands, cuticles and nail plate.

Biological manicure is performed without cutting objects, a wooden stick is used, a loose and soft cuticle is polished with a special file, after applying special products.

Japanese manicure in its ways resembles a spa option, it uses paraffin therapy and massage with hot herbal bags.

Gel manicure is another way to take care of your nails. Special biogel restores the nail plate and makes it healthier.

American, French, Spanish manicures are ways to cover the nail . To date, French is the most sought after and has the perfect combination of ivory lacquer and white nail tip. American is a one-color lacquer with a glossy surface, the color of which matches the lipstick. Spanish manicure uses two layers. The first is white or other light varnish, the second is a brighter tone of varnish. The Shanghai Manicure has a thick gold base, topped with a shimmery lacquer, and the tips are accentuated with black.