Ventilated facades

Today, such an orientation in construction as a suspended ventilated facade is being actively developed. In almost all innovative projects, the introduction of such material is laid. Construction organizations regard installation work on ventilated facades as a very attractive business.

The advantage of installing ventilated facades is the ability to perform work in a convex year. Customers of a ventilated facade have every chance of being convinced of the correctness of their own choice: a unique style is formed, a long service life and its economical element are guaranteed. By the way, now autonomous sewer systems are gaining popularity, they often began to be installed.

The composition of the ventilated facade includes the following components: a base made of a strong alloy, available for mounting on a wall, a heater, a cladding that gives a neat appearance. The meaning of a ventilated facade is its air permeability, for this the installation is done in such a way that there is a gap between the wall covered with insulation and the cladding for air exchange. From this follows the title, which speaks for itself.

The benefit of a ventilated facade is to increase the energy efficiency of the building, reduce the cost of important repairs and even heating.