We strengthen the health of the child

In our modern, hectic life, it is simply necessary to strengthen the health of the child at home. It will be about what hardening should be done, this is the best protection for the health of children. And it’s a mistake to think that hardening is an indispensable bathing in an ice hole or running barefoot in the snow — don’t worry, only very hardened people allow themselves such hardening methods, and your child’s health will not require such sacrifices.

You can start with a gradual decrease in the water temperature when bathing your baby, starting from one degree. Then another degree… Monitor the reaction of the child, water procedures should not cause discomfort (but not below 24 ° C). Much depends on immunity, and the health and development of your child. When tempered, health becomes stronger

One of the most important factors in hardening and strengthening the health of children is active walks in the fresh air. The main thing here is to dress the child correctly. Of course, fashionable children’s clothing is good and beautiful, but it must also meet certain requirements. Doctors recommend for children to use a multi-layer, which can be removed if it is hot. The following rule also works well — you need to wear as many clothes for the child as for yourself, plus one more. Remember that, having overheated, the children will get a cold faster than if they had changed. You can also call it a faithful assistant in strengthening the health of children — everyone knows that charging. It is not necessary to do it without fail in the morning, it is better to choose the time in the afternoon for a few simple, fun exercises. You can still run with your child barefoot on a special massage rug, do all this fun, you can emiting various animals in a playful way — so that charging does not turn into a dull duty.

It is necessary to strengthen the child’s health not periodically, but constantly, because this is part of the good education, the behavioral basis that remains with a person for his whole life. If you will accustom your children to an active lifestyle from early childhood, introduce the right daily routine into their life, instill useful habits, doing this in an unobtrusive simple form, without causing rebellion and protest, which means that you took care of the health of your child, and So, about success and vitality. Because health is the main thing, and almost everything depends on it. And the main task of parents to preserve it.

All parents set themselves a goal, certainly grow a healthy and happy person.

What else does our health depend on.

-genetic heredity;

— social environment;

— hygiene cultures;

— sanitary literacy;

— Environmental environment:

Now it is known that only the physical condition does not do it. This means that in order for your baby to grow up healthy, parents will have to try very hard. First of all, you need to start with yourself. For you to become an example, it is necessary that it is a healthy lifestyle that is tightly donned in your rhythm of life. The main thing is that it doesn’t turn out that today you are tempered, and tomorrow you have no time. It shouldn’t be.